Kristen McHenry Moves The Good Typist to Higher than the Highest!



Reading Kristen McHenry’s blog for this week’s issue of The Good Typist leaves me almost speechless but totally stirred, reflective, inspired and moved. If there’s anything really worth reading and really worth being moved and affected by, this is it.

I offer you this beauty free of charge and movingly, here:


If an open heart is the path to love, and love is the path to happiness, all you have to do is open up.



I can hear your heart speak
In half heartbroken tones.
Regretful of the past,
Fearful of the future.
In tragic, changeless ways:
There’s much you should have done.
There’s much you wish you had.
Oh, the life we lost together!

For I would speak them too
In full heartbroken tones.
Regretful of this life,
Hopeless of the future.
For all the changeless days:
Oh, I should have loved you.
I should have loved you more.
I should have loved you forever!


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Happy July 4th from Meet…THE OddsMaker!

Tomorrow’s the big one! And all of us here at Meet…THE OddsMaker want to wish all our friends, book aficionados and fellow Americans a Happy & Safe July 4th Independence Day. May your day be full of fun, food, fireworks and reverence!

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Check Out this Delicious Read from The Good Typist!


Kristen McHenry’s mouthwatering, palate-challenging food exposé in The Good Typist this week is a real culinary teeth-grinder of a delicious read!  

Dining is here:

This Week’s Profound Post from The Good Typist!


I really enjoyed reading this week’s profound post from writer-poet Kristen McHenry for the popular blog The Good Typist. I hope you may read and enjoy it too!


The Past

Sometimes the thing that keeps coming back never left in the first place, though you had to forever let it go.



You never have to forget the past.
You never have to regret the loss.
Pain and grief do not forever last,
Any more than a stone gathers moss.
Doesn’t matter where the road has led.
Doesn’t matter what was never said.
(Nor why your heart lies empty and dead!)
You don’t stop loving someone when they fail to try.
You don’t stop loving someone when they say goodbye.

Eschew all those who skulk around you

Ordering you how and what to feel,
Trying to harden and unbound you,
Claiming the past is lost and not real.
No, embrace the sorrow and regret.
Never let the world make you forget.
(Nor the soul of love you sought and met!)
You don’t stop loving someone when they say goodbye.
You don’t stop loving someone just because they die.
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04 LoversAnthem

Beautiful, meaningful, inspirational verse is not dead, nor goes unread, unfelt or unlived! In fact, it lives and thrives herewith in “A Lover’s Anthem” by esteemed poet and novelist Elsan H. Stafford.

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