The Wind

This is how I think love should be: romantic, passionate, sensitive, deep, connected, and windy.  This is how I remember it to be…once so long ago when it was mine and I held it and thought it would never go.  But it did.  And now I wonder if I will ever know it or hold it again as I did…once so long ago.  Well, hope springs eternal.  So I guess I continue to hope to know it and hold it again.  Only time will tell my if my hopes shall be answered and fulfilled.  Meanwhile, you can read my poem here, THE WIND, and see if you relate to it and may find what you know and hope to hold of love. 

For if you’ve ever known it and held it as I have, then I suppose you must agree as I with what the great poet Alfred Tennyson had to say about the whole subject.  You know, this: “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”  You think?  I do.


I can tell you what love is…in a windy way,
When a storm looks imminent and the clouds are gray.
It’s running in the rain…just to capture one kiss,
Ah, from someone whose every breath you fear to miss!

It’s seeing the wind blowing in your lover’s hair,
And inhaling the sight of it as you would air!
And then arouse the stark storm into your embrace
Ah, but to see one smile upon your lover’s face!

For it is when death or darkness intervenes,
Intent upon making love forget what it means!–
From loving someone truly with all of your heart
Forever and a day…till death do us part!

Yes, I’ll tell you what love is…in a windy way,
Though it endures a cold, dark or bright windy day.
Or you spend it all in timeless turmoil and strife!–
Ah, love is loving one loving soul more than life.
(Like leaves love trees and the sand the seas…without end!
Love is loving someone like the clouds love the wind.)