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New Law Makes it a Crime to Say a Pet is a Service Animal Who Isn’t

Beginning September 1, people in Alabama who falsely claim that their pet is a #ServiceAnimal can face criminal charges. Here: https://bit.ly/2THCeu4

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Cat in the kitchen, Stock Photo - 12694183

Once of the best and most loving buddy cats I ever had (or I should say he had me!) was my two-thirds calico cat Tibbitt.¬† I named him Tibbitt cause he had an operatic voice like the famous baritone from years ago, Lawrence Tibbitt.¬† Well, my Tibbett could sing with the best of them!¬† When I lost him and knew he was gone, I wrote him this tribute poem.¬† For those of you who have had buddy cats and appreciate our feline friends, I think you might enjoy my humble little poem here.¬† You might even take it to heart…and then to heaven with you!

Patrick The Poet



I lost a dear, tender cat friend today,
A true friend I loved more than words can say.
And though I didn’t see him killed, or die,
When he didn’t come home today, my heart knew why.

I guess the creatures we love and who love us
Sometimes love us beyond all human belief.
Yes, they do become like angels above us.
But first they go off to die alone to spare us grief.


If it ever happens to you that someone you know you love is about to walk out of your life and maybe leave you forever, don’t let the misunderstanding ensue.¬† Don’t let the mistake become permanent and unresolved.¬† Don’t let opportunity slip out of your fingers and hands.¬† Don’t let pride or subbornness get the better of you.¬† Let contrition, forgiveness, humility¬†be the angels of your better nature.¬† Just don’t let love slip away.¬† Do what I say to do in this poem of mine.¬† And damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!


I should write such words down in the sand,
And carve them in the depth of a tree.
Then call them to the stars high above,
And scream them to the waves out at sea!
They’re¬†for every time I was remiss,
And everyday I forgot to say,
Ah, such words every heart needs to hear
That not even a kiss can convey!
But now you have journeyed far away,
And I am waiting when you’ll return,
To hear the words I had failed to speak
From which the silence can never learn.
Oh, how I pray for the coming morn
That I will awake and find you here.
Now saying the words I should have said
And have told¬†the whole world everywhere!–
Ah, I love you, my sweet darling friend!
As the earth and the sand love the sea.
Ah, I love you more than life itself,
And as I know you’ve always loved me!
So come back to me, my darling friend,
And embrace this heart you know is true!
And¬†speak these words to me from your lips…
“Ah, my darling friend, I love you too!”

The Eternal Hereafter

I think the dog and cat buddies we have in our lives are more than just that.  And often in fact become the very best friends we ever have or maybe can ever have.  I also believe they we love and who love us have souls.  I may not be able to prove this, but no one can disprove it.  Try as foolish atheists do!

So here is a tribute poem I wrote to one such buddy.  She and quite a few other budies I knew (and still know!) await me in the vast beyond that is the Eternal Hereafter.  There we shall be rejoined and live together again in loving friendship and in the infinitely joyful adventure that awaits all of us in the Eternal Hereafter.

I look at the trees swirling in the wind;
Outside my heart I hear its lonesome cries.
How can I live without my dearest friend
To awake beside me with soul-soaked eyes?
She listened to the wind and heard the trees,
And gave me comfort and friendship to keep.
She was a friend who only sought to please
And curl inside my arms each night and sleep.
Now I sleep alone each night and pretend
The trees are whispering her cat-like sighs.
And where I think my heart or the wind cries
‘Tis only a dream of a long lost friend…
Curled inside my arms, near my soul-soaked eyes.