Bread and Exhortation

For sensitive sonic beauty, there are few that equal, and none who surpass, the musical group Bread. Their many sensitive gems are an indelible reminder of this.

For this POIET’S Day, a beautiful song and poem might be all anyone needs. To remind us that if you find someone sensitive to your thoughts and feelings, hold on to that person and never let go! As long as you can.

Patrick The Poet


The song:

The poem:


I will always feel love that is true and magnificent
And hear lovers repeat words that are well worth repeating,
(So it is with true friends who share every careful greeting);
And yet, though love is potent and happiness is well meant,
I would tell them to hold on to every precious moment,
For love is frail…and happiness is so very fleeting.

For I have felt the spark of hope and the sunlight beaming
Through the eons of life that selfishness and greed distort
(Which truth and wisdom often fail to repair or comfort);
And though there are those who dream of sunlight always gleaming,
I would tell them to hold on to every dream they’re dreaming,
For dreams are such fragile things…and life is so very short.

My Town Workforce is Coming Soon and it’s Going to be Stupendous!

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Soon, our unique, dynamic, new job shop and contractor-jobs org is going to take off and our website will be launched and waiting to serve you.

Check back here over the upcoming days and few weeks and visit our posts here for updates and important info. We can’t wait to get My Town Workforce launched and serving you!

Our page…

My Town Workforce Loves New Inventions!


When Inventor Christopher Menchaca is not busy building homes and malls and inventing My Town Workforce, he’s totally into exploring and discovering awesome new inventions and sharing his discoveries with the world.

And here is a discovery of a totally awesome new invention that should concretely and seriously help build and rebuild cities and infrastructure everywhere!

Check it out here:

The 59 Veterans asks: What is Bravery and Sacrifice?

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In June of 1918, a Marine division was sent to support the French army at Belleau Wood. When they arrived, they found French troops retreating from the field. A French colonel, attempting to inform the Americans of the realities of the situation and not trusting his spoken English, scribbled a note to the officer in charge of the Americans ordering them to retreat. The Marine officer looked at the Frenchman coldly and said, “Retreat, hell! We just got here!”

That officer was Captain Lloyd W. Williams, commanding the 51st Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment. On 11 June 1918, he led an attack that routed the German defenders at Belleau Wood. Of the 10 officers and 250 men who started the attack, only one officer and 16 enlisted men escaped death or injury.

As Williams lay wounded on the battlefield, blinded by gas and gutted by German shrapnel, he told the medics who approached him, “Don’t bother with me, take care of my good men.” He later died from a shell explosion as he was being evacuated. He was posthumously promoted to major and awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and buried in a military cemetery called a “Flanders Field” near the battlefield.

This is bravery and sacrifice!

For which we salute you, Lloyd W. Williams,, Devil Dog warrior! 🇺🇸️💖🇺🇸

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My Town Workforce Explainer Video is Now Online for You!


Today is the official release of our new Intro-Explainer Video on YouTube and throughout the Internet. To you and for you!

Now completing its final test run, our official explainer video is but the preamble to the upcoming launch of the My Town Workforce website. Then thereafter, the launch of our services to link service providers, contractors and clients and find jobs for freelancers everywhere will be in full swing.

We hope you enjoy and like our video. We hope we hear from you. And you will join My Town Workforce! 🙂

Watch here:

15 Flying Vehicles from Inventor Christopher Menchaca!


Discovering new inventions and what other inventors are inventing is one of our favorite activities here at the ICM Workshop. And from soaring surfboards to flying yachts and taxis is what Inventor Christopher Menchaca has stumbled upon.

Check them out here at this link and tell us what your think. New flying vehicles of every kind await you, and they’re not only wild and crazy…but they are incredible and real!


Queen Ofir is MTV-USA Artist of the Month!


It is our pleasure to announce that Queen Ofir has been selected as Artist of the Month by MTV-USA for the month of September. This September now! 🤩😍

It’s really awesome and also fantabulous news and we wanted to share it with all her fans and friends and you!

Check out the link And please leave us a like and a smile. Here:

And enjoy a really awesome month! 🎵🤣💝🙃😎🎵

Queen Ofir and the 4th Annual Peace Song Awards!

1CLUB RAIN - 04-02-15

Queen Ofir is a finalist in the 4th Annual Peace Song Awards!

Written by renowned composer Grayhawk and featuring lead singers Queen Ofir and Andreea Petcu, their beautiful song “Peace Prayer” is one of six finalists in the Music Video category of this year’s Peace Song Awards.

Award winners for all categories will be announced on September 21, 2020, a date chosen to coincide with the United Nations’ International Day of Peace.

To learn more, click here:

The 59 Veterans Project Salutes Our Canine Veterans!



To all our military veterans, past and present, including all of you with long whiskers and four legs, it’s our honor here at the 59 Veterans Project to unfailingly salute you.

And thank you for your bravery, service and sacrifice! 🇺🇸💖🇺🇸




Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state has wolverines again!

Famous for its active stratovolcano, glaziers, epic terrain and the highest peak in the Cascades mountain range, Mount Rainier National Park is also home to a host of stunning wildlife including the wolverine which until recently has been absent for over one hundred years.

The south slope of Mount Rainier may be the snowiest place on Earth, and the Wonderland Trail which encircles the mountain throughout the 236,381-acre park may be the outdoor hike of a lifetime. And we’re eager to learn and experience these.

But all of us here at the 59 Vets simply can’t wait to trek this national park to photograph and videograph the family of wolverines now nesting there. Rest assured military veterans shall be our colleagues and fellow trekkers as we ascend this magnificent summit together!

To learn more about this wonderful wolverine event, go visit this electrifying tree-climbing post:

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