Despite how potent and powerful are lies, deceit and violence, there are some things they cannot destroy and will stand forever impotent against! As enumerated in my poem here.



Hopes of bravery can be inspired from the sea.
And evoke thoughts of wisdom to guide us through youth.
It suffers not fools who think the telling of lies
Might somehow extinguish the existence of truth.

There in the restless waves droplets of passion rise,
In fierce forms and storms from the spiritual above!
They suffer not doubt that may dwell in you and me
Who fear hate or greed is ever stronger than love.

The sea is sacrosanct and our stern redeemer,
And gives of salvation what is entirely free!
It suffers not those who conceive wealth and power
Could ever replace honor and integrity.

For dreams soar here, even in life’s darkest hour,
And flow from the sea in an ever-endless stream!
It suffers not fools who think killing the dreamer
Might somehow in some way ever destroy the dream.


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Probably the most decorated combat soldier in United States military history is World War II hero Audie Murphy. Among his medals and awards are the Congressional Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, two Silver Stars, the Bronze Star (2) with Combat V, the Legion of Merit, three Purple Hearts, the French Legion of Honor, and so many more it’s impossible to enumerate them here.¬† Audie also was promoted to the final officer rank of captain after starting out as an enlisted man.¬† What is really funny is the fact that he attempted to enlist in every branch of the service but was rejected because of his size, until the Army finally accepted him.

Immediately after the war Audie was discovered by the great film actor James Cagney who then helped him get into films and become a movie star in his own right, where he made over 40 films, some of them with the biggest movie stars and directors in Hollywood.  In addition, Audie Murphy wrote several hit songs and gripping poetry, a sample of which is included with this post.

We at the 59 Veterans Project would like to salute Audie Murphy and all our veterans and active duty military.¬† And we can’t wait to catch the next Audie Murphy movie marathon on AMC!

To learn more about America’s most decorated war hero, you can visit this online site:¬† And to learn more about the 59 Veterans Project, please stop on by our main site here:¬† We can’t wait to serve and serve with our veterans upon the sacred grounds of our national parks.


Oh, gather ’round me, comrades,
and listen while I speak;
Of a war, a war, a war ‚ÄĒ
where hell is six feet deep.

Along the shore, the cannons roar.
Oh how can a soldier sleep?
The going’s slow on Anzio
and hell is six feet deep.

Praise be to God for this captured sod
that’s rich where blood does seep;
With yours and mine, like butchered swine;
and hell is six feet deep.

That death does wait there’s no debate;
no triumph will we reap
The crosses grow on Anzio,
where hell is six feet deep.


John F. Kennedy

I believe John F. Kennedy was a very brave man.  He was warned not to go to Dallas, Texas, on this date fifty years ago, but he went anyway. He went, I believe, not because out of blind audacity or false bravado, but because he refused to be intimidated or cower in fear.  His heroic acts during World War II showed him to be a very brave man, and he was until the day he died.

Disagree as any of us may with his politics, his bravery was something to be admired.¬† So were his gifts as a communicator and writer, and as a public speaker. He needed no teleprompter when he stood in front of throngs of people and spoke, and he wrote many if not most of his own speeches.¬† He was a very articulate and educated man.¬† This is no greater shown than in his Pulitzer Prize winning book “Profiles in Courage.”¬† Here below my signature is a write-up of the book you’ll find online and in many places as it was when the book was published.¬† Below this I have included excerpt from Profiles in Courage.¬† And whoever visits my blog, I hope you read on and become even induced to grab a copy of Kennedy’s masterpiece tome.¬† It is a brave and inspirational read.

Patrick The Poet

“This is a book about that most admirable of human virtues‚ÄĒcourage. ‘Grace under pressure,’ Ernest Hemingway defined it. And these are the stories of the pressures experienced by eight United States Senators and the grace with which they endured them.”
‚ÄĒ John F. Kennedy

During 1954-1955, John F. Kennedy, then a U.S. Senator, chose eight of his historical colleagues to profile for their acts of astounding integrity in the face of overwhelming opposition. These heroes include John Quincy Adams, Daniel Webster, Thomas Hart Benton, and Robert A. Taft.

Awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1957, Profiles in Courage‚ÄĒnow featuring a new introduction by Caroline Kennedy, as well as Robert Kennedy’s foreword written for the memorial edition of the volume in 1964‚ÄĒresounds with timeless lessons on the most cherished of virtues and is a powerful reminder of the strength of the human spirit. It is as Robert Kennedy states in the foreword, “not just stories of the past but a hook of hope and confidence for the future. What happens to the country, to the world, depends on what we do with what others have left us.”


Today the challenge of political courage looms larger than ever before. For our everyday life is becoming so saturated with the tremendous power of mass communications that any unpopular or unorthodox course arouses a storm of protests such as John Quincy Adams ‚Äď under attack in 1807 ‚Äď could never have envisioned. Our political life is becoming so expensive, so mechanized and so dominated by professional politicians and public relations men that the idealist who dreams of independent statesmanship is rudely awakened by the necessities of election and accomplishment. . . .

And thus, in the days ahead, only the very courageous will be able to take the hard and unpopular decisions necessary for our survival in the struggle with a powerful enemy ‚Äď an enemy with leaders who need give little thought to the popularity of their course, who need pay little tribute to the public opinion they themselves manipulate, and who may force, without fear of retaliation at the polls, their citizens to sacrifice present laughter for future glory.


Navy Petty Officer Mike Monsoor‚ÄŹ

This is but one reason why we should be so proud to be Americans!
Patrick The Poet


 Navy Petty Officer Mike Monsoor 

PO2 (EOD2)(Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Mike Monsoor, a Navy EOD 
Technician, was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously 
for jumping on a grenade in Iraq, giving his life to save his fellow 

During Mike Monsoor’s funeral in San Diego, as his coffin was being¬†
moved from the hearse to the grave site at Ft. Rosecrans National 
Cemetery, Seal’s were lined up on both sides of the pallbearers route¬†
forming a column of two’s, with the coffin moving up the center. ¬†As¬†
Mike’s coffin passed, each SEAL, having removed his gold Trident from¬†
his uniform, slapped it down embedding the Trident in the wooden 

The slaps were audible from across the cemetery; by the time the 
coffin arrived grave side, it looked as though it had a gold inlay 
from all the Tridents pinned to it.  This was a fitting sendoff for a 
warrior hero. 


Here is an inspirational poem for everyone’s reading pleasure and for everyone who needs some inspiration and words of motivation to go out and take on life and its problems and defeat it…and achieve victory in your life!

Patrick The Poet

You may measure it in brave acts and deeds,
In the vanquishing of a mighty foe;
To disprove what valor sometimes concedes,
Or to show courage–so all men might know!
Perhaps honor or freedom was your cause,
Or righteous indignation stirred your soul.
What ulterior motive could give pause
To the obvious candor of your goal?
Still, if your should measure it with your eyes,
Thinking it were glorious and concrete,
Proud to have established truth over lies
While gathering laurel leaves at your feet;–
Why then, does victory still seem obscured?
But oh you who has fought the hardest war,
Who sought neither fame nor approbation,
Who stood before the mob’s ignoble score¬†
And resisted conceit and temptation;
Ah, you who answered the clarion call
To fight until truth and justice could win,
Though you be scorned, cursed and betrayed by all,
Though defeat was yours time and time again;
When you measure it with your heart and mind,
And forge yourself to give only your best,
Keeping goodness as what you sought to find,
While humility was all you possessed;–
Know then you will find victory secured!

Those Who Believe…

I’m tired of Mondays being a drag and always¬†cancelled due to lack of enthusiasm, motivation, and a positive attitude.¬† It’s time to nip this plague in the bud.¬† Well, at least today and for this week.¬†¬†Shalt we do so?¬†¬†

Here’s a¬†poem by moi which will hopefully accomplish just that: end these Monday blues before they begin, and start this day off on the right positive foot.¬† With some hope and conviction! ¬†If this poem fails¬†to do this then I guess I will just have to try harder next week and come up with a better and more positive poem from The Muse.¬†

Meanwhile, hope you enjoy the poem.  And good luck to you today.  To me, too!



Because dreams often die in Winter
and love often fails in Fall
and youth must often fade in Summer
and lovers and dreamers everywhere
often look for the bad
and not the good in every season-‚ÄĒ
does not mean
we should not believe in Spring.

It only means that some people
do not dream strong enough
and some people do not love with conviction.
It only means that some people
are not truly young at heart
and some people believe in the bad
more than the good.

It does not mean
that something magnificent and beautiful
and something full of hope and truth
does not await those
who believe in Spring.


As everyone knows only too well, Monday sinks.¬† And¬†it is¬†the most annoying, aggravating, and stressful day of the week.¬† It can downright lead to a serious case of temporary insanity, outright terror, or abject depression.¬† Because of this, I wish to provide my permanent cure to Monday–a pep talk of a poem I wrote many years ago.¬† While I didn’t have Monday in mind when I wrote it, I think it can serve a nice remedy for every future Monday any and all of us have to face in the weeks and years that lay ahead.¬†

So if you enjoy my pep talk of a poem and it should help you make it through today, don’t hesitate to drop me a note here and tell me your success story.¬† Success story…that’s another thing we don’t have nearly enough of in this life.¬† Especially on Monday!


The moon may cry that you are a hapless lover
and there is not one passion worth living for:
every flower that grows is doomed to wilt,
every light that glows is destined to fade,
and every love, ever real, will gradually deteriorate.
Nevertheless, I cry unto you and only you
to love on long and strong and true
and never relinquish your passion!
Even if you defy love,
you will acquire love!
Even if you denounce love,
you will inspire love!
Even if you resist,
you yield. 
The sun may cite that you are a hopeless dreamer
and there is not one vision worth striving for:
every radiance of youth is squandered on the young,
every brilliance of wisdom is wasted on the old,
and every dream, ever dreamt, will cynically evaporate.
Nevertheless, I cite unto you and only you
to dream on great and straight and true
and never surrender your dream!
Even if your idea is reviled,
it will remain invincible!
Even if your vision is defiled,
it will remain indomitable!
Even if you fail,
you succeed. 
The stars may claim that you are a faceless hero
and there is not one cause worth fighting for:
every valiant soul is tarnished by despair and doubt,
every gallant goal is ruined by treachery and treason,
and every heart, ever brave, will tragically capitulate.
Nevertheless, I claim unto you and only you
to fight on proud and loud and true
and never betray the cause!
Even if the battle is lost,
you may triumph another day!
Even if you stand alone,
no power can stand in your way!
Even if you lose,
you win.
And the world may charge you are an useless philosopher,
that there is not one conviction worth dying for:
every profound concept is corrupted by pessimism and hate,
every renowned belief is tainted by skepticism and fear,
and every truth, ever true, will eventually disintegrate.
Nevertheless, I charge unto you and only you
to reason on requited and excited and new
and never forsake your determinism!
Even when the mind is suppressed,
it will transcend the physical cosmos!
Even when the spirit is repressed,
it will ascend the spiritual universe!
Even when you die,
you live.