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Maybe the most important actions we can do in online marketing and networking is to build relationships with people.  It consists of meeting a complete stranger and converting him into a customer, client, affiliate, and even a friend.  It’s a case of generating and establishing interest and trust from that person in you, and thus creating familiarity and name recognition from him of you and your business.  The more you do this with a person, the more are you establishing a rapport with him, and thus a relationship.  On Facebook, there are several dynamite ways of doing this.  And it’s so simple you won’t believe it!
Naturally, the first thing you need to do is invite members on Facebook to network with you.  So you send friend requests out.  And this you should do three or four times each day say, about five invites at a time so you don’t alert the Facebook Thought Police to your sinister act of inviting complete strangers to network with you and be your friend.  So send five invites out maybe four times a day, spread out over the entire day for each sending. Out of this 20 you send each day, I would predict you get at least half who respond favorably, accept your invite, and join your network.  This translates into acquiring 300 new people in your Facebook friends network per month, which is pretty good.  And someone said quantity friendship isn’t good.  Wrong!
Next, stay in touch with people who join your friends network on Facebook.  How?  Simple: send them a “LIKE.”  You simply visit their home page and look at one of their postings or listed interests there, and click on the LIKE icon under their posting or interest.  They will see that you like their posting and/or the same interest.  And they will notice you.  More importantly, they will feel liked, and that you like them.  And everyone wants to be liked, right?
And you send them a POKE.  Look at your Facebook HOME page and you’ll see where you can do this.  Actually, you can go to any member’s site and click on the POKE icon there, and your poke will appear on their home page the next time they visit it.  Sending a simple poke to someone on Facebook is giving that person attention.  It shows that you are thinking about them.  And they will notice you.  More importantly, they will feel thought of and and worthy of attention.  And everyone wants to feel thought of and worthy of attention, right?
Each day you can send personal greetings to friends in your network on Facebook.  Keep it short and sweet: “Hope you’re having a great day!” or “Just wanted to say hi and wish you a happy Wednesday!”  You can also post such a greeting to your wall to send to everyone in your network simultaneously.  But it’s far more powerful to send greetings to individuals and make each one of them feel special.  Same thing with birthday greetings.  Look at the top right side of your HOME page and you will see posted those people in your network whose birthday it is that day.  Send them a short and sweet birthday message.  People are usually at their best on their birthday and really appreciate when someone notices it is their birthday and sends them a greeting, even if it’s just “Happy birthday to you!”  It’s the thought that counts, right?  And they will think of you after you show you are thinking of them. 
WALL or NEWS FEED messages are the most powerful way of contacting everyone in your network on Facebook, and contacting all of them at once.  This is the place to later send your message to advertise your business or sell a product or get people interested in whatever you want people to become interested in.  The key to contacting network friends on Facebook is staying in contact with them and keeping them aware of you and making them feel that you are aware of them, interested in them, and thinking of them.  These simple methods of doing this is what makes Facebook such a great place to make friends and influence people.  It’s the place where it is totally free to meet people and acquire customers and clients, and even affiliates for your online or MLM business.  And do so with little effort or work, and as fast as you can like or poke a person to having a relationship with you!