Bogart-Bacall-PhotographIf you ever loved someone and knew there was no one else for you, and there never possibly could be and never will be, then you might think that such a love was your destiny to find and live and hold.  A match made in heaven is another name for it.  Certainly it is two people created for each other and inseparable and destined to be together.  Forever.


You finish my sentences, I complete your smile.
Your bring forth a candle, and I furnish the flame.
We watch the world together, and for a short while,
Our lives are joined forever and share the same name.
You read me a poem I had written for you.
The words ring out like you had written it for me.
Then we stroll the evening shore as lovers will do.
And our lips find each other…as sand does the sea!
Then the joy of the morning arrives with the dawn,
As once more your loveliness takes my breath away.
And though we pray such mornings will continue on,
There is no tomorrow–there is only today!
Like the synergy of nature that beats with one heart,
Like the sun that brings nourishment to the soul-starved land,
No matter the moments, how few they be, or apart,
Ah, no matter where we go our souls walk hand in hand!
For the world is endless, the mathematics are great!
The sand is infinite…as are droplets in the sea!
Yet despite the frailty of chance, and odds against fate,
Ah, this life we found together was our destiny!
For it was written in the stars and forged by the sun
That two distant but exact hearts would conjoin as one!
So let the cynics eschew–for they haven’t a clue,
There is love in this cosmos that is destined and true!
For if it be not holy how the sand finds the sea,
If our lives have no cosmic meaning or destiny,
Then how in the world did I find you and you find me?


I used to think life was all about the destination, achieving some great ambition or dream, reaching your goal and getting everything done.  Naturally I had to grow older and wiser to finally see the forest from the trees.  And it’s become perfectly clear to me.  Not only the forest from the trees (and the trees from the forest!) but the fact that life isn’t about the destination or goal or any such nonsense.  It is indeed about the journey.  And what we experince over and during the journey.  And most of all, what we learn, how we change, and how we grow and progress.  As well, I think it’s about the obstacles we overcome and the challenges we face and conquer and what good seeds we plant along the way.  Did we do good?  Did we make a difference?  Was our presence here important?

Well, this poem of mine touches on all these subjects, but it’s focus is on taking the journey that is life…and not having to take it alone! 

Patrick The Poet 

You often swear
the past is not your allegiance
and the life you lead and live.
True, it does appear
the future is the journey
you fear and have never known.
But perhaps
if you learned to eschew the past
and surrender your reliance
upon hating the future
(that fear and ignorance give!)
then perhaps
the journey that is life
you would not
have to travel 
Now out here
in this vast world
filled with turmoil and strife
and loneliness and despair
(and fear of the unknown!)
I have seen how the past
can leave the lonely world
easier to bear,
and the journey that is life
less desperate and unknown.
For it is clear
the journey is also vast and rife
with infinite hope and change;
for there is love and friendship
to aid the journey that is life,
and other magnificent things
yet to be shown!
So keep the future near
and let the past achieve an end;
what need is there of strife
when the future is waiting
to be known?
For the journey that is life
is for us to share!
So come now, take my hand
and be my friend.
And I swear
to all that is holy in life,
you will no longer
have to travel
the journey