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We love new and innovative inventions here at Inventor Christopher Menchaca’s dynamic depot for originality and inventiveness. And we especially love new technologies that will help protect our military veterans and secure victory for them. So, here are a few that really get our thumbs up!

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Enjoy Our Fun, Dynamic Teaser Video for My Town Workforce!


Enjoy Our Fun, Dynamic Teaser Video for My Town Workforce!

Inventor Christopher Menchaca has created a powerful mobile application that everyone who has seen it knows is going to take the job industry and employment sector by storm!

It is called “My Town Workforce.”

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“The Future is My Town Workforce, and the Future is Now!”

It is our pleasure to share this uplifting meme with you!
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“The Future is My Town Workforce, and the Future is Now!”

No matter by Patrick P. Stafford

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Believe you can, Theodore Roosevelt - no logo


It’s a beautiful weekend and Inventor Christopher Menchaca and his staff of helpful assistants take great pleasure adding to its beauty by sharing this meme with you and all our friends. We hope you do the same and share with your friends, too! 🤩😍🤩

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Maiden of the Falls

Happy July 4th from the 59 Vets Project!



Tomorrow is a sacred day for all of America. It’s a day that represents the values and virtues of our country and what it means to be an American. It represents our nation’s freedom and liberty and an honored remembrance of all who have served and fought for our country and its freedom and liberty.

Fireworks, parades, barbecues, Sousa marches and a frolicking three-day weekend to celebrate and have fun is all great. But remember the flag–the Stars & Stripes–and what it represents and all the blood shed for it. Visit a national cemetery and witness the reverent ceremonies that will be held within all their confines tomorrow. And gaze upon the rows and rows of graves of all the valiant souls who have served, fought and paid “the last full measure of devotion” for Old Glory and for America.

We celebrate Independence Day every July 4th. Not dependence day. This too, we must remember and never forget. We celebrate our history and all our veterans and active military personnel who are serving us and our country throughout the world. For this, all of us here at the 59 VETERANS PROJECT give a hand salute! And wish all of them and you a very Happy 4th of July!



It’s seldom good to take the cart before the wheel.  And to just jump in and discuss how to do successful online marketing and everything that it is about and consists of, shouldn’t we first talk about WHY online business is a great thing to get into and do?  I mean, it might sound great to be President of the United States, or captain the Space Shuttle, or be a big-time film star, but what are the benefits?  What are the benefits of being self-employed and operating one’s own business?  Actually, a whole lot of benefits!  But short of writing a novel-length blog here, I’ll enumerate three of the seven most attractive benefits of having your own online business.
1.  Freedom/Control: Why work nine to five every Monday through Friday for some tyrannical boss at a job where you’re undervalued and underpaid when you can stay at home and work any hours you want?  And never have to leave your home or your computer except maybe when you need to hit the store once in while to buy food and provisions to live like a rock star?  Having control over your life and being able to decide when you want to work and how long and what hours in the day are benefits only rock stars and the rich and famous truly know.  But you can, too, when you run and operate your own business from home.  And are you own boss!
2.  Fulfillment: Most every kind of online business is a people business.  You’re in the business of providing quality service or products to people who need them and can benefit from them.  You’re in the business of giving fulfillment to other people.  And this, of course, give you fulfillment as well.  You’re also in the business of helping and showing others to have their own business, thus providing more fulfillment for everyone involved.  I love this quote from motivation speaker and fulfillment-expert Tony Robbins: “Success without fulfillment is failure.”  And I think it is.  Being in conrol and running your own business allows you to fulfill the needs, desires, and dreams of others.  And also your own.  If this ain’t success, what is?
3.  No Need For Employees: Today’s typical business owner has a lot to worry about, including his employees.  Not that this has not always been the case.  But this is something you don’t have to worry about.  Because you don’t need to hire people to work for you.  This means you don’t have to worry about paying state and federal taxes for employees, medical and dental benefits, sick leave, vacation time, nor acquiring office space and equipment to furnish an employee.  You have only one employee to worry about: yourself.  And since you’re the boss, what is there to worry about!  In essence, your business consists of people independently working together and sharing common goals.  Everyone self-employed works for himself.  And we save and earn a lot more money by doing so!

There are of course four other great benefits to working for one’s self and being self-employed.  I will save these to share with you in a few days.  Meanwhile, absorb these important benefits of being one’s own boss, and keep thinking about starting your own business and soon enjoying what all Americans celebrate the day of July 4 every year: independence!


For a long time now it has been suggested that the issue of prohibiting smoking in and near public buildings is about health, and not about individual rights.  But the fact is, the health of non-smokers has never been at risk from second-hand smoke.  This is true, especially when you consider the few places (bars and restaurants, for example) in communities where smoking is still permitted, that it is in cordoned-off areas far from where privileged non-smokers are free of second-hand smoke.
Consider also that smoking is already prohibited in the vast majority of public establishments in most major metropolises.  Yet, evidently, a good number of non-smokers are not satisfied with having almost everything pretty much their way.  They want it all.  And woe to anyone who seeks his little piece of low-key real estate at no one else’s expense.
But at far greater risk and which no one seems the least bit concerned about is the health risk of second-hand air.  Everyone inhales and exhales germ-filled air, and does so in public and frequently in close proximity to other people.  This unfiltered, germ-filled air is in greatest quantity at all times throughout indoor locations and where the spread of cold, flu and other airborne contagion are regularly breathed.  Yet no one has suggested that those with asthma, runny noses, wheezing lungs, severe coughs, on oxygen support or who are just heavy breathers be banned from public places.
Studies conducted on the hazards of breathing second-hand smoke is, at best, anecdotal, inconclusive and hyperbolic.  This is because those tested for exposure to second-hand smoke are also exposed to second-hand air, automobile exhaust and thousands of other airborne contaminants and chemicals that exude from walls, floors, partitions, surfaces, furniture, refrigeration and cooking appliances, carpets, drapes, clothing, and all forms of contact between living bodies.
Moreover, industrial pollution, sewage and acid-rain, along with automobile exhaust, are so prevalent that it is impossible to obtain an accurate reading or study (controlled experiment) as to who is affected by what, how much or how often. 
Consider studies that have concluded exposure to carbon monoxide and other automobile pollutants for but a few seconds can equal exposure to the second-hand smoke of a thousand cigarettes!  But one would have to be exposed continually to those thousand cigarettes, and not intermittently or occasionally to some second-hand smoke every few days from each of those 1000 cigarettes.  And this pertains to only a few moments exposure to exhaust from a single automobile and does not account for the minutes, hours and days one is exposed to pollutants from dozens–even thousands–of motor vehicles and automobile exhaust each year.
Yet no one dare proposes banning cars, trucks, RVs or motorcycles, not to mention planes, trains, boats and theme-park rides!  
It has also been suggested that because some major cities have adopted smoking bans that others should follow suit.  Well, I have it on good authority that not only cities but entire countries have banned anything from jewelry, spitting, wearing flashy attire and public displays of affection, to guns, books, music, computers and free speech. 
Yet if we applied this same rationale, we would find ourselves and our land of the free, via piecemeal, in the same impoverished, enslaved condition as other third-world nations.
Smoking is a health issue to those who smoke, just as obesity, diabetes, high-blood pressure and clogged arteries are to those who consume junk food, don’t exercise and elect to live any number of stressful, unhealthy lifestyles.  But neither smokers nor overweight sugar addicts are a threat to non-smokers or skinny people.  They might be an occasional blight or annoyance to some.  But most smokers can attest to how annoying, self-righteous and tyrannical are some non-smokers who have the audacity to affirm that the rights of others end where theirs begin. 
What they really mean is: “I don’t like your face” or “the way you dress” or the fact that “you have a personal lifestyle you enjoy too much, and I don’t.” 
Therefore, such people believe it is their right to choose to prohibit you from your face, the way you dress or the pleasure you’re obtaining–not them–from smoking or eating.  But this right they are fervently, even violently scrambling to take from you today, quite naturally will translate to other rights seized from them tomorrow.
While this will be poetic justice for smokers later on, it remains despotic, self-serving and fairly stupid of non-smokers right now.