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Meanwhile, here is a poem for all the lonely and brokenhearted people out there who need their spirits lifted! Here:


There is no bitterness too great to heal,
What one word of kindness often consoles.
Still, I know the bitterness that you feel,
In this world of broken hearts and lost souls.

Oh, I am one of them as much as you,
Whose life seems cast from a dark-clouded birth.
For we cannot prove what we know is true,
That we were born to walk this pain-filled earth!

I only see what I have always seen,
And only know what I have always known:
There must be something more our lives to mean
Than to wander it…forever alone.

I look upon your face and see a smile,
And know that not all is lost entirely.
For have we not been waiting here a while,
As the broken shore awaits the slow sea?

Yet even the sea throws its driftwood back,
Like desolate skies do a falling star.
So perhaps no life is so bleak and black
That hope cannot save us from what we are!

Might it be better if we joined forces?
I hear hope is good–and love is great, too!
Perhaps if we combined our resources,
Happiness might be something we can do.

So…even if we can’t have forever,
And hope is the only word that consoles,
Aren’t two broken hearts better together
Than wandering through life as two lost souls?


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The time will probably come when you’re about to lose a family member or someone you love.  It’s especially painful if they are young and it’s way before their time.  The injustice of it can be overwhelming.  So can the shock and unpreparedness of it.  And it may be that you will try everything to save that person.  Then realize there’s nothing you can do but pray.  This is what happened to me once some years ago.  And this poem is the conclusion about it that I came up with and wrote.

Patrick The Poet



So wild and dark tonight, and the winds hiss and curse
Such poignant refrains in me…begging creation.
But if I am to soothe your heart with a single verse…
I fear it will require divine inspiration.

Worse still, your life has fallen to diminished thirds
And to silencing strains of your own invention.
Still, though I would save you if I could with mere words…
I fear it will require divine intervention.




Young Couple in love  Stock Photo - 10731375

All real stories are about people and about their lives and the experiences they share with other people.  And sometimes the most compelling story of all is the one about love and the powerful true love shared and experienced between two people.  This story here is one taken from my own life and now shared with you in the form of a poem I trust you might enjoy reading and perhaps even relate to.  If so, then it’s a story worth sharing.

Patrick The Poet


If memories were voices and loneliness could speak,
In silence I could tell the world the story of my life.
It all began long ago in a place called the sea,
When I came upon happiness and it came upon me.
The day was bright and hopeful, no longer dark and bleak.
For there were footprints in the sand that led away from strife!
Like the dream that becomes destiny…then becomes true.
Like the day I was led to happiness and to you!
So it became for years, together we would walk the sand,
As ours was a destiny never lonely or bereft.
For you were my life’s answer and my soul’s sole reflection;
For if love be cosmic, you were my cosmic connection!
That the sea can be so ardent and turbulent,
And the morning can be so passionate and hot!
That life can be so great and gloriously spent,
Though time and death may be its greater theme and plot!

If love be no more than a passing memory
And words thrown to the wind the only ones that last,
Then I should hope to live and die beside the sea
And spend my days worshiping the wind-filled past!
For the story of my life is easy to understand.
It began the day you came and ended the day you left.
(So take love beyond death and let not your heart feel bleak!
For memories are voices and loneliness can speak.)


SAD GOODBYEIt’s terrible when people you love have to leave, and you’re left all alone at home having to wait for their return and you may not even know when or if they will return.  This experience is the worst kind of goodbye.  Next to death, I guess. Here’s a poem wherein the hope is never to have to say the word or hear word.  For we should stay at home with the ones we love.  Home is the best place for it.  Love.

Patrick The Poet



You come to a place in your life after many years,
Then wonder if this is the place you’re supposed to be.–
An old and friendless place, full of darkness and tears,
Or the dream-filled place that vows, “I can still be happy!”

But dreams can come and go, as love can wither and die,
As swift as a memory can fall to yesterday.
Yet somewhere deep inside you where your heart screams goodbye,
You know hope will come and save you…and take you away!

To golden isles of infinite smiles of endless friends
Who still live, and will bid thee only the word hello!
In that place where dreams never die and love never ends
(Here inside my heart where I will never let you go!)

And here you will find your hopes and dreams, and all the years
Of everything that was and everything that should be:
A place of warmth and smiles, and not loneliness and tears
(Where too many souls live…and forget they are happy!)

So come home to me, my love, come home to me and stay.
Forget the thoughts I thought, and the pain that words can give!
Come inside, out of the rain, and put your fears away.
I love you more now than I ever did yesterday!
For home is a place where the word goodbye doesn’t live.


LOVE IN RAIN3If you keep looking for love and never give up on finding it, there’s a much better chance that you will succeed in finding it and knowing what happiness is. Since I’ve experienced this myself, I know this to be true.  It can happen…even on the darkest, coldest and rainiest night or day and at the very moment you’re ready to give up.  It can happen.  And often does!

Patrick The Poet


For years I’ve stood out here in the lonely looking rain,
Counting the darkest clouds in the lonely looking sky.
Searching for someone to count my tears and feel my pain,
And sooth me with a soft kiss and a broken-hearted sigh.

For I’ve looked for you in sunshine and on sunny days
Where love had seemed warm and rife and always strolling by.
But dark and cloudy years only learned to count the ways
How brief is sunshine…and how quickly sunny skies can fly!

And so, I’d walk rainy streets looking for hope and love,
Thinking if I called your name, I might hear you reply;
And we might see more than lonely looking skies above
(And find something more from this life than dreams that only die!)

For one day you’d look and know your hopes were not in vain.
You’d see I’ve lived a lifetime for you to walk on by!
Then learning I’ve counted all your tears and felt your pain,
You’d know I’ve been waiting here in the lonely looking rain
To sooth you with a soft kiss and a broken-hearted sigh.

Song from The Great Gatsby

F. SCOTT FITZGERALDLike me, my good friend Surinder really enjoyed this summer’s film hit The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio. It is a visual and musical feast with top production values and superb acting. In addition to that is this song by Lana Del Rey from the film which my friend Surinder sent and shared with me, which I thought I’d share with everyone on my song mailing list. If you’re new to my list then this song will give you an indication of the kind of music I like and like to share with people: of the melodic, comprehensible and easy listening kind. No rap crap or hip hop slop from me, sorry. No Darth Vader heavy metal, either!

In fact, this song by Lana Del Rey is not only melodic but is also strangely ethereal and haunting, the video here being equally so. I hope you enjoy both, and also hurry out and catch The Great Gatsby. It’s an astonishing movie…not to be missed!

Patrick The Poet



This week’s song entry comes from my good friend and fellow writer John Taft. It’s so good, I thought I’d share it with all of you. And yes, the song in question is from 1963–a long time before many of your were born, no doubt. But Beethoven and Tchaikovsky were born way before any of us, and does this stop us from listening to their superlative music? I hope not!

Anyway, the song Hey Paula was a huge No. 1 hit in 1963 and there’s a great story to go along with the song. The links to both the story and the song are herein below (and extra songs by the duo). So check them out, listen to the timelessly beautiful song, and don’t mind adding it to your ever-evolving knowledge Rolodex. It’s nice to know more today than we did yesterday. Right? I hope so!

PaTricK ThE PoeT

P.S. And remember what Alfred E. Neuman once said: Beauty and greatness are never before our time but forever timeless!

Link to Story About Song:

Link to Hey Paula: Paula

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