Desert Loyalty


Here’s a blast from the past poem of mine about loyalty and true friendship. These are the things that give so much meaning to our lives! Yes?



Once you found yourself alone…far from trust and paradise,
Bereft of all those you gave every ounce of loyalty to.
Though now these sands are harsh and hot–they are as cold as ice!
And rife with the rage of a world that has turned against you.
Yet time after time another promise has come along…
Heard from the lips of ardent friendships that swore to be true.
Instead, you were left to die…like silence murders a song,
Or as wind does over the sand…to leave the desert askew!

Then here upon this barren plain you happened upon me.
To find and save my life when I was at death’s very brink.
Still, though I humbly thanked you and swore eternal loyalty,
You no more believed me…though I wrote it in mortal ink!
Now over time and other lifetimes the desert has fed
More betrayal to you, and too much disdain of me, I think.
Still, I have waited years to be thirsting and almost dead…
Ah, to find water…and give you the first and only drink!


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The Passionate Swordsman by Elsan H. Stafford Awaits You!


Great novelist Elsan H. Stafford wrote several beautiful, unforgettable stories to inspire one’s soul to great mutiny and daring enterprise! The Passionate Swordsman is one such story. And one I naturally and highly recommend to you.

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Trust can often be an issue in life, in relationships of every kind. And it is often so hard to give, so hard to earn and so hard to keep! But civilization can’t exist without it. Neither can love. And this is where I come in! Here, with a poem…

💜 💙 💜


How nice it is to give a chance
To cast fear and suspicion aside.
When trust is allowed to enter in,
A lover’s heart yearns to open wide.

For what need for fear and suspicion
When honesty is being spoken?
Such little faith is for old children
Whose hearts always fear being broken.

So remove the blinders and armor,
There’s no cause for mistrust or alarm!
You never have to protect yourself
From anyone who means you no harm.


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A Perfect Day


Here is a mainstay romantic poem of mine. For all you romanticists out there who might be in the mood for a mainstay romantic poem!



The sun was shining–for the rain stopped and stole away.
But the wind kept blowing and left wind-swept trees unfurled!
They saw our presence…and demanded our souls to stay
And pay attention…while the day perfected the world!

Therefore, we spent it with the sea that greeted the shore.
Then listened to the sun and surf…and to lilting birds!
And we felt like forever…would last forever more.
With the smile inside our hearts that spoke a thousand words!

For might evening arrive and hurry us from our joy?
Or would we know to stay and not let time steal away?
No matter!–although there is much that life can destroy,
It won’t be the perfect love we felt this perfect day.


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Eulogy To Love


For POET’S Day today, I’d like to share a poem and a song. The poem is by moi, the song by David Gray Together, we hope to stir and move you to passion, profound thought and deep meaning!

Go here for the amazing song:



I fold my arms around you,
You slip into my embrace.
While the anguish of my tears
Seems mirrored upon your face.

So I imagine them there,
Like sunlight on rainy days;
My lips kissing memories,
Like sweet lies the truth betrays.

Still I savor one last kiss,
Then lift you into your grave.
One last kiss to court the past,
And the life love failed to save.

Gone is the warmth of your lips,
Gone the treasure of your breath.
And though everything is gone,
You are beautiful in death!

For a faint smile lines your face.
Sunlight lingers in your hair.
And though life seems present still,
It’s as lifeless as despair!

Were it I could steal away
And give even one more kiss.
Instead of embracing death,
And giving more tears to this!

Yet such are life’s memories
Death scars with tears and regret:
Too painful to remember.
Too beautiful to forget.


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As the new year draws closer and closer, I become more inclined to share my personal thoughts on certain things. But one thing rings true: “Not every philosopher is a poet. But every poet is a philosopher!” Or so I’ve been told. 😊😊

🙏 ✌ ✊


For the cause of flag and country your courage is hurled.
Against tyranny you fight till victory is won.
For your cause is noble wishing to save the whole world,
But what you have done in life just to save one person?

If you find one piece of silver or a pittance to give,
Might you find a better way to be noble and brave?
To help someone deserving to continue to live,
Or to preserve someone he loves from an early grave?

Oh, you have achieved glory and known wealth and success.
You care about people—your good intentions are set.
Still, though a charitable heart you claim to possess,
I wonder if you’ve tried random acts of kindness yet!

For great is accomplishment and fulfilling your dreams,
And sharing and contributing to society.
Life is full of many great causes and noble themes,
And well it is lived in honor and integrity.

But go on and change the world by speaking one kind word,
Or by being a friend to anyone who’s in strife.
But to save the whole world well, perhaps you haven’t heard,
Ah, isn’t it enough to save just one single life?

So be kind today and help the world in some small way
(For it matters not if you’ve never understood this!).
Though it’s just an opinion—it’s one I dare to say—
No life better lives than that which lives doing goodness.


😎 😌 🎭

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Merry Christmas to all my friends, family, clients, online followers and former subscribers to the POET’S Day Newsletter!


Here is a a song and a poem for today. The song is my favorite for Christmas. The poem is food for thought for the duration of existence! For it is not a negative poem or a downer poem. Nor even a sad poem or despairing poem. It’s just a reminder poem. Keep its message near…and close to your heart.


The song:


CHERISH by Patrick P. Stafford

One day, unforeseen, you’ll wake up alone
Wondering where the years had taken you.
For so much seemed certain and cast in stone,
Yet somehow the years had forsaken you.

For time is a phantom and bitter truth
That hurriedly and selfishly moves on.
Each day it screams to you: Cherish your youth!
For one day you’ll wake up it’ll be gone.

Let love and beauty encompass your length
And let passion be all your heart may know.
So find someone to love with all your strength!
For one day will come you’ll have to let go.

Count all your blessings and bounty each day,
All the wealth you shared, all the love you spent.
For dreams are like moments that fade away,
And are gone before you know why they went.

Do kindness and give all the good you can.
For life is fleeting—I have not been vague!
And while time awaits to complete its plan,
Pray for dignity—and not have to beg!

For life is so fragile—life is so brief,
And time is so greedy—time is a thief!
So cherish the ones you love—and hold on!
For one day you’ll wake up and they’ll be gone.

💖 💘 💝

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