As the new year draws closer and closer, I become more inclined to share my personal thoughts on certain things. But one thing rings true: “Not every philosopher is a poet. But every poet is a philosopher!” Or so I’ve been told. 😊😊

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For the cause of flag and country your courage is hurled.
Against tyranny you fight till victory is won.
For your cause is noble wishing to save the whole world,
But what you have done in life just to save one person?

If you find one piece of silver or a pittance to give,
Might you find a better way to be noble and brave?
To help someone deserving to continue to live,
Or to preserve someone he loves from an early grave?

Oh, you have achieved glory and known wealth and success.
You care about people—your good intentions are set.
Still, though a charitable heart you claim to possess,
I wonder if you’ve tried random acts of kindness yet!

For great is accomplishment and fulfilling your dreams,
And sharing and contributing to society.
Life is full of many great causes and noble themes,
And well it is lived in honor and integrity.

But go on and change the world by speaking one kind word,
Or by being a friend to anyone who’s in strife.
But to save the whole world well, perhaps you haven’t heard,
Ah, isn’t it enough to save just one single life?

So be kind today and help the world in some small way
(For it matters not if you’ve never understood this!).
Though it’s just an opinion—it’s one I dare to say—
No life better lives than that which lives doing goodness.


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Merry Christmas to all my friends, family, clients, online followers and former subscribers to the POET’S Day Newsletter!


Here is a a song and a poem for today. The song is my favorite for Christmas. The poem is food for thought for the duration of existence! For it is not a negative poem or a downer poem. Nor even a sad poem or despairing poem. It’s just a reminder poem. Keep its message near…and close to your heart.


The song:


CHERISH by Patrick P. Stafford

One day, unforeseen, you’ll wake up alone
Wondering where the years had taken you.
For so much seemed certain and cast in stone,
Yet somehow the years had forsaken you.

For time is a phantom and bitter truth
That hurriedly and selfishly moves on.
Each day it screams to you: Cherish your youth!
For one day you’ll wake up it’ll be gone.

Let love and beauty encompass your length
And let passion be all your heart may know.
So find someone to love with all your strength!
For one day will come you’ll have to let go.

Count all your blessings and bounty each day,
All the wealth you shared, all the love you spent.
For dreams are like moments that fade away,
And are gone before you know why they went.

Do kindness and give all the good you can.
For life is fleeting—I have not been vague!
And while time awaits to complete its plan,
Pray for dignity—and not have to beg!

For life is so fragile—life is so brief,
And time is so greedy—time is a thief!
So cherish the ones you love—and hold on!
For one day you’ll wake up and they’ll be gone.

💖 💘 💝

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God, How I Love The Ocean!


“The ocean is always vividly vibrant, sometime beautifully violent, elemental and raw, and forever mesmerizing and comforting. God, how I love it!” — Patrick P. Stafford
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Every year we wait for January 1. To make our New Year’s resolution and to dedicate ourselves to making some great change in our lives. I wrote a book about this, and an epic poem. Their purpose is to inspire you to such change. Here is some of it for you…

Make this the passion of a lifetime
as if today is the beginning
and there is no yesterday:
Set out upon the ship of life
disciplined in mind and spirit,
fearless of peril and danger,
dauntless with faith and conviction,
certain of justice and in judgment,
relentless in duty and with honesty,
prepared for enterprise and challenge,
humble and merciful in victory,
and glorious and dignified in defeat!
Embrace each day with pride and gratitude
and honor yourself with happiness and joy.
Be different, be special, be a philosopher!
Set a goal, take a chance, strive for freedom!
And dare to try.

For this is the passion of a lifetime
as if tomorrow is today
and there is no turning back:
Set out upon the ship of life
loyal to wisdom and to truth,
true to love and to friendship,
brave before suffering and despair,
adamant against evil and corruption,
triumphant over anger and hate,
stronger than motive and emotion,
and meek and gentle with compassion!
Embrace each day with reverence and wonder
and reward yourself with laughter and beauty.
Be unique, be visionary, be a dreamer!
Set an example, strike a blow, strive for peace!
And dare to live.
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In the realm of platonic relationships, there are friends…and there are soulmate friends. It has its own kind of love. And friendship and forgiveness and contrition. All essential to those who know to remain loyal to soulmate friends.



Ah, do you ever miss me like I have missed you,
The company we kept and the joys we have known?
For friends can surely hurt you and break your heart, too.
And leave you feeling lonely when you’re not alone.

It’s strange how days can go by and we would forget
The brief harshness of words that were ever spoken.
And yet, instead of vanquishing shame and regret,
Our lonely, prideful hearts would rather stay broken.

Yet sometimes friendship is the only love you’ll know,
Despite the differences we suffered to share.
Only a selfish heart could pretend to let go
Who could forgivingly show how much they still care.

Still, though days were to become years and even end
The friendship that love once had the courage to tell;
Perhaps for some it is easy to lose a friend;
(Only one who has loved could remember so well).


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Love Poems From The Heart (Part 3) Awaits You!

With the mastery of voice-over artist extraordinaire John Taft ( and the incomparable expertise of video director/producer Queen Ofir (, my newest poetry work “Love Poems From The Heart (Part 3)” is now on YouTube and requests your vivid eyes and avid ears! But first, here is an excerpt for your proper inducement:


Excerpt from “Love Poems From The Heart (Part 3)”

For if I came upon you sitting in the park,
Would you know the melancholy my life has known?
Ah, how sad it is to stroll through the rain-filled dark
To only meet people who want to be alone.

Ah, might you let me sit beside you for a while,
That we might be here when the morning sun streams in!
Then inside our rain-filled hearts might we share a smile,
Then be so bold to hope that love could live again?


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The Sunset



It is my pleasure to thank voice-over artist/actor John Taft ( for his exceptional recitation of my poem here; and I also thank Catherine B. Roy and LHM Productions { for the beautiful video they made of it. The sunlight truly gleams upon them!

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Here strolling the past along a shimmering beach,
I can still envision the sunlight in your hair.
It was a time the future lay within our reach,
‘Fore the past begged me to remember I was there!

The sea was turbulent and the rain was falling,
And gently I would caress its tears from your face.
Each day was a moment our future kept calling!
While the past became a dream it could not replace….

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