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“Have faith in life, nothing is happening without a reason.”
— Catherine B. Roy

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For the holiday season and the coming of hopefully a better year, this poem is dedicated to all my dearest friends and fellow true believers.

Patrick The Poet


Once you found yourself alone…far from trust and paradise,
Bereft of all those you gave every ounce of loyalty to.
Though now these sands are harsh and hot–they are as cold as ice!
And rife with the rage of a world that has turned against you.
Yet time after time another promise has come along…
Heard from the lips of ardent friendships that swore to be true.
Instead, you were left to die…like silence murders a song,
Or as wind does over the sand…to leave the desert askew!
Then here upon this barren plain you happened upon me.
To find and save my life when I was at death’s very brink.
Still, though I humbly thanked you and swore eternal loyalty,
You no more believed me…though I wrote it in mortal ink!
Now over time and other lifetimes the desert has fed
More betrayal to you, and too much disdain of me, I think.
Still, I have waited years to be thirsting and almost dead…
Ah, to find water…and give you the first and only drink!



DEATHLESS LOVEWhen you lose something as precious as love, and lose it forever in this life to something called death, it doesn’t have to destroy you nor ruin the rest of your days on this earth.  You can keep it and the memory of it inside your heart…like a treasure that even death can’t reach.   And you will find you can go on.

Patrick The Poet



There at the bottom of the sea, inside my heart,
Lies a sunken treasure that cannot be exhumed.
For in two beds we sleep–together and apart:
Death inside a grave, and my life that is a tomb.

For the sea is a mighty force, I’ve heard it said.
To shred the human heart…like leaves from trees left bare.
Still, although the sea may never give up its dead,
The human heart can survive who gives up despair!

For the precious treasure can live bereft of strife
And can restore the life of every tomb-filled breath!
If your earnest soul can remain loyal throughout life,
Then will it be love lives on even after death.


LEGACY OF FLOWERSSomeone I loved had been a gardener, and she had quite the green thumb.  She planted seasonal flowers all around our home–roses, tulips and daffodils–and every year they came to bloom right on schedule.  Even the years after she died and I lived in the home alone.  Every year her legacy of flowers and beauty greeted me in a sad yet hopeful way.  This is a poem about her and her legacy of flowers and the things some of us leave behind to remind others that life in some small way lives on.

Patrick The Poet




This infinite day has been lonely for far too long,
And somewhere I see you where the past never settles.
In granules of beauty which time cannot turn out wrong–
Nor days when I kissed your lips as soft as rose petals.
But somewhere in time days turned into years long gone,
In this place where we lived amidst sown valleys and hills.
In vast, vivid colors was my heart nurtured and drawn,
Come every spring in roses, tulips and daffodils!
Ah, they grow there now as they did long before I left;
As spring turns to summer and growth comes to every tree.
Still, your heart unfolds there, though my own has grown bereft–
Years ago that seem like days when death stole you from me.
No matter this, I know that somewhere beyond the grave,
Life lives, and my heart is a legacy of flowers.
Brimming amidst all the love we ever shared and gave,
Beyond this time on earth that unfolds like mere hours!
I still live among roses, tulips and daffodils–
The alchemy of gold and other precious metals.
For soon, someday, I shall dwell among valleys and hills,
In a garden…kissing lips as soft as rose petals!



AT SHUT OF EVEOne time I contemplated what if the world should actually come to an end and I knew the very day it would, what would I do?  And who would I spend the last day alive on earth with?  After contemplating this for a while, I was inspired to write the following poem.  And it answers and answered for me those few nagging questions that had once plagued me.  Might they hold an answer or two for you as well…should you ever deeply contemplate the end of the world

Patrick The Poet



In the time of all folly and betrayal
When the gods of earth and ruin collide,
When all our hopes fade and all our words fail,
Be here in that last moment–by my side!
Ignore the death of sunset and sunrise,
And the world’s destruction at dusk or dawn.
Show me the life still shining in your eyes–
At shut of eve my own are cast upon!

Then stay with me a while, my final friend,
At shut of eve speak no word of goodbye.
Though to oblivion we may descend
As the cosmos may cease without a sigh!
Let us–if we must!–witness mankind’s end,
But at all costs let us not watch love die.



Maybe the only thing worse than having no one to love is having to suffer platitudes from people who do.  They never cease giving advice and telling you what you need and how to obtain or earn it.  They’ve got love so they’ve got happiness.  So obviously they’re way ahead of you and closer to answering the mystery of the universe than you ever will.  So I find these people sometimes quite annoying; you know, the people who seeming got everything.  And know it.  And all you want more than anything is someone to love.

Here’s a poem that better explains–or at least more deeply explains–exactly what I mean.

We all need someone to love and be loved by,
Clearly and dearly and with deep affection.
For such love makes our lives full–and so did I!
Long ago make such a cosmic connection.
And her eyes were endless and her hair was black,
And her smile was the color of happiness.
Still, though it’s been years since she never came back,
My life lives for the knowing of one more kiss!
For her lips were rubies and her love was bliss,
And every night the fire inside our hearts would dance!
So what care have I for those who’ll never miss
The infinite longing for a second chance?
So, was I ever happy, you dare to ask?
You who have no quarrel with happiness or why!
Oh, spare yourself pondering the thankless task.
Have you not someone to love and be loved by?

The Waves

The ocean and the ocean waves can invoke many dramatic emotions in a person.  Especially emotions of the past and which consist of memories, and what one associates with those memories and what lies dead in the past.  Here is a poem I wrote about the power of the ocean waves to invoke such emotions.  Sad and tragic and negative such emotions may sometimes be.  But they are there, just below the surface…the surface of the waves.  Waiting to be recalled.  For we cannot completely forget the past.  For the great French novelist Marcel Proust was right: the past, and memories of the past and all it was, helped make us who and what we are.  And this we cannot stop being.

The waves rush in each night, and mysteries unfold.
Then rush out again…leaving answers untold.
Yet all we need to feel and all we need to know
Is life was real…and love was what it had to show!

For I will always remember this time and place,
The moonlight in your hair, the smile upon your face.
The sounding of the waves, the ocean everywhere.
The love in your heart, and my own embedded there.

Time was a passive friend, time was a gentle host.
And youth sometimes knew what to savor more than most!
For love is an infinite truth…that never lies.
And yes, an infinite treasure…that never dies!
Yet one cold, dark night when you ventured out too far
And the waves caught you (like eyes do a waning star!)
I did not curse life or love…nor the lying truth.
Nor seek to scorn the power that is foolish youth!
No, I simply learned to relish the memories
And what treasures the waves toss upon errant seas.
Here, now, gazing out to a youthful time and place,
The longing in your voice, the hope upon your face,
The sounding of the waves, and darkness everywhere
(My arms around you…drowning within your embrace!)
Love inside a grave…and my own embedded there.