Every Time We Say Goodbye


With all the recent disasters and tragedies throughout the country, it’s important to remember how fragile and short is life, how we should take time and care for every loved one and friend. For one day they’re here, and the next they can be gone, as this poem reminds.





Oh I loved you every morning and until the next day,
And never thought I’d ever wake up alone with the dawn.
For love is a blessing that seemed blessed to forever stay,
Until one morning I woke to find you forever gone.

For when our hearts do awake into their spiritual birth
We pray to keep love and never be left brokenhearted.
And though our time is so brief and unsure upon this earth,
We pray our hearts will never become dearly departed!

Still, if only we could know how life and morning might go
And the desolation the next day can bring forever,
We might find every parting a form of deathless sorrow
To make us treasure every moment we are together.

Ah…if only we knew how short and fragile hope can be
And how suddenly morning can end and a life can die!
We would cherish the present and beg the future to see
Why we should be so careful every time we say goodbye.


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Young Couple in love  Stock Photo - 10731375

All real stories are about people and about their lives and the experiences they share with other people.  And sometimes the most compelling story of all is the one about love and the powerful true love shared and experienced between two people.  This story here is one taken from my own life and now shared with you in the form of a poem I trust you might enjoy reading and perhaps even relate to.  If so, then it’s a story worth sharing.

Patrick The Poet


If memories were voices and loneliness could speak,
In silence I could tell the world the story of my life.
It all began long ago in a place called the sea,
When I came upon happiness and it came upon me.
The day was bright and hopeful, no longer dark and bleak.
For there were footprints in the sand that led away from strife!
Like the dream that becomes destiny…then becomes true.
Like the day I was led to happiness and to you!
So it became for years, together we would walk the sand,
As ours was a destiny never lonely or bereft.
For you were my life’s answer and my soul’s sole reflection;
For if love be cosmic, you were my cosmic connection!
That the sea can be so ardent and turbulent,
And the morning can be so passionate and hot!
That life can be so great and gloriously spent,
Though time and death may be its greater theme and plot!

If love be no more than a passing memory
And words thrown to the wind the only ones that last,
Then I should hope to live and die beside the sea
And spend my days worshiping the wind-filled past!
For the story of my life is easy to understand.
It began the day you came and ended the day you left.
(So take love beyond death and let not your heart feel bleak!
For memories are voices and loneliness can speak.)


SEA LOVERSHere’s a sea-story poem to stir your hearty barnacles to depths of ghostly mutiny and windswept romance!

Patrick The Poet



Oh, such dark and mysterious eyes,
How I loved the way they gazed at me.
As the sand caressed our whispered sighs
Long ago when we lived by the sea.
The sea-breeze air was windy and fresh,
Then beckoned our hearts to lose control.
And while my cautious hands soothed your flesh,
Your fevent, windy heart soothed my soul.
You needed a companion for life,
And I needed a lover to love.
And there each night when the tide was rife,
We conjoined beneath the stars above.
For here by the sea is where we met,
Here by the sea where our love was made.
Yet the sea will take what it can get,
Just as the stars above often fade.
For one night you arrived before me
And fell to wait in drowsy repose.
While the lulling of the harsh, cold sea
Brought what it does when the high tide flows!
For harsh is the sea that drowns the heart
In the tide that love cannot delay.
Although we were never swept apart,
My life was when yours was swept away!
For the tide rolls in and never dies,
And now flows harsh and cold over me;
Were it I could hear a lover’s cries
Instead of my own here by the sea.


Some days and some nights clouds take on a special meaning to me.  Here is a poem I wrote about that meaning.

Patrick The Poet

Like a boat on the sea…lonely and adrift,
My eyes plow the sky each night looking for you.
And there amidst the clouds each night comes a gift,
A vision of the past…cloaked in gray and blue!
For what need for photographs or memories
To remember and recall the love I lost?
Ah, the clouds are rife, and I have seven seas
Who for the past no lover has ever crossed!
Yet for you, sweet love, I scour these each night,
In the confines that lie between sky and sea.
But beneath clouds each night does my heart make flight
From the desolate world that stole you from me.
And there you are tonight!  With the misty smile!
For God is giving, as are the clouds a gift!
So, sweet love, let my eyes hold on for a while,
Like a boat on the sea…lonely and adrift.

Beside The Shore

If you ever been left brokenhearted at the train depot holding an extra ticket for someone who didn’t show up–who you wanted to show up more than anything else in life–sort of like how Bogart was left waiting for Ingra Bergman in the film classic Casablanca, then you know what unrequited love is.  Or if you’ve looked down a long, lonely beach and watched love stroll away from you and slowly vanish from sight, knowing during that moment it would never turn around and come back to you–here too you have experienced unrequited love, and of the most bittersweet kind. 

It’s a tragedy so many have experienced.  And I guess it’s something poets need to experience, too.  Otherwise, how can we write cogently about it and share the experience with those who have experienced the same and need to see their experience put into words and understood?  Such is often the nature of poetry: to put into words what is shared by so many and is common to the human condition.  It’s our job as poets to do this, especially when it comes to love…and unrequited love. I do believe.

So here is a poem by moi in which I trust I did my poetic job…satisfactory, and to your liking. 


You were walking beside
the ocean shore
and I gazed
there unto you
seeing us together
as two
yesterday before.

Before the ocean sea
did not so wildly, fiercely agree
with your endless longing
to be forever free.
And before the ocean sea
did not hopelessly lie
between you and I.

How your tide-swept eyes
were full of life and surprise!
They rendered to me
all the smiles and sighs
your heart now keeps from me
and now forever denies.

And though I offered
the freedom of the sea
and the beauty
of yesterday,
I gaze upon the past
and to you and me,
and wonder why you walked away.


Ghost Story…

I believe this song to be the greatest song Sting ever wrote.  It’s got to be one of the most awesome songs ever written, too.  It’s deep, it’s comprehensive, its sensitive, it’s written in elevated language and rhyme and many tempos, it is a novel of drama and love.  And if you listen closely and read the words, it will get you.  Especially if you ever loved someone.  Really, really loved someone.  And it’s someone you lost.  Which is why or how this song is a ghost story…of the most haunting kind.  But one I hope you enjoy.


LINK TO SONG:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNKJgAd_hyw

LINK TO LYRICS:  http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/sting/ghoststory.html

Warm, Sunny Days

Today is not one of these warm, sunny days I love to enjoy every spring and summer, but it actually warmed up a little bit here in southern California that none of us living in this neck of the woods should complain.  I lament, however, all those who live in Iceland and Greenland and the North and South Poles who almost never experience warm, sunny days, although cold, sunny days I am sure they really are used to! 

Then there are those warm, sunny days that live in your heart–the ones you especially remember from sharing special moments with someone you love.  It’s sad, though, when you can’t find someone to share a warm, sunny day with, or you’re with someone you love who doesn’t appreciate warm, sunny days nor the warmth of love in your heart.  This poem here is about that.  It’s an experience I can remember only too well…that can turn warm, sunny days into cold ones.  You know?  If you don’t, I hope you never have to.


When you live long enough you wonder about things:
What happened to love and every beautiful day?
What became of all the lovely summers and springs?
You held love in your hand, how did it slip away?
What were the words said or those I should have spoken?
Or that one simple truth which love should never speak?
(That leaves a heart feeling hurt or even broken,
And transforms summer to winter, and bright to bleak?)
Were it I could travel to a warm, sunny isle
And pretend the past was the place where I should be,
I would cherish all the days when I made you smile,
And you felt so warm and sunny being with me.
But I guess there’s no use in leaving or going,
Although winter is not a place I fear to stay.
Besides, here inside my heart it’s always snowing,
And you never liked warm, sunny days, anyway.