Looking For Love

I can think of a lot of superlative things worth spending one’s life pursuing and desiring and wanting to earn.  And worth living for and worth dying for.  Of all these superlative things I don’t think any surpass love.  And here’s a poem that accentuates this point, which is also about not wasting one’s precious time pursuing or living in hate!

Might seem better to live in despair and languor
Instead of going through life always feeling wronged.
On the other hand, hate does justify anger,
So why not hate the word that defines what you’ve longed?
Perhaps injustice is a word to give you pause
To find a reason to help these cruel feelings cease.
On the other hand, were harmony a just cause
Then why are you so certain the word is not peace?
Yes, you have been betrayed and lied to and cheated,
And life has dealt you a pitiful, unfair hand.
Well, just because you’ve been unfairly defeated
Doesn’t mean hate should define what you understand!
For the world has little to do with what is fair,
And even less to do with the hand we are dealt.
Everyone chooses to live in hope or despair
And to resist or celebrate when hate is felt!
True, unfairness is rife and injustice is great,
And oh, we an’t even trust the angels above!
For indeed, there are many deserving of hate,
But your life would be better spent looking for love.