BEAUTIFUL MUSIC: I Can See The Pines Are Dancing


“Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman.” –Ludwig van Beethoven

Dear Song List:

After a couple days of youthful rain, it’s now a beautiful sunny day in southern California.  This being the case, it put me in the mood for something really liltingly beautiful from AA Bondy.  And if you don’t know who AA Bondy is, well, here’s your lilting chance to find out!  And a reverent experience I would say it will be.  Reverent and so full of sonic beauty.  If this song of his doesn’t move you and stir your soul to mutiny and great enterprise, I will have to send some lightning and thunder your way and maybe even howl at the moon!

Patrick The Poet



Beethoven’s Silence

BEETHOVENA poignantly melancholic piece of sonic beauty is this work (“Beethoven’s Silence”) by Ernesto Cortazar.  Beautiful music is limitless and it’s nice to discover new examples of it.  This means we won’t ever run out of new magnificent things to discover and learn!  I hope it’s the same for you and this piece of infinitely beautiful music inspires you to keep discovering all the magnificent things that life has to offer.


Link to Beethoven’s Silence: