Say Hello Wave Goodbye by DG‏

If you appreciate beautiful, emotional but well-written, clever lyrics and don’t mind the raspy voice (reminiscent of Bob Dylan) then you should be delighted to meet amazing British pop singer/songwriter DAVID GRAY.  My favorite song by him is Say Hello Wave Goodbye, but I’ve included two others I love a heck of a lot too.  All three songs are from his multi-platinum tome WHITE LADDER, an album I consider one of the 20 best pop/rock albums ever.  One thing is for sure, David Gray is a master writer of torch songs…and ballads that know how to break hearts.  Guess I speak from experience, I don’t mind saying!  But I hope you enjoy David Gray.




This has got to be one of the most beautiful ballads and torch songs ever written anywhere, by anyone, at any time, in this entire universe…and in this human experience we call living.  Don’t believe me?  Just listen to it (it’s called SKY BLUE AND BLACK) by the incomparable Jackson Browne.  And you will believe.

Patrick The Poet



I’m not a pacifist.  But there are some aspects and qualities of pacifist thinking and behavior I find valid and worthy of following.  Peace at any price is not one of them.  Nor is non-violence for the sake of non-violence a belief of mine.  However, as long as truth, justice, and moral principle are not being sacrificed and peace and non-violence can be obtained without surrendering truth and honor, then I’m for putting down our swords and guns and living in amity instead enmity whenever possible.  Sometimes all it takes is someone to step forward and be the first one willing to back off and try a peaceful approach.  If one person can initiate this and put aside his hate, anger, and ego, then the other person can.  This isn’t a solution to defeating evil and injustice.  But it can certainly prevent a lot of unnecessary quarrel and discord.  And help more people live in peace and harmony.


Here is a poem I wrote about this very subject.  If you don’t enjoy it for its poetics, then I hope you might enjoy it for its sentiments.






Our destinies seem doomed and so replete
With the endless capacity to wage war.
And everywhere we find triumph or defeat
Beckoning us inside its restive door.

For we are always easy to convince
Those we must have reasons to love or hate,
While the diatribes of emperor and prince
Guide us to the same old, destructive fate!

For rays of rage and wrath keep glistening
Over the graveyards of the slain and the dead;
But mankind does not seem to be listening
To anything that history has said.

Yet, though I am only one–so are you,
And either of us can be the first to halt
What our worst natures are disposed to pursue,
No matter who is…or is not at fault!

For look! A treaty of peace is tendered!
While waves of amity beckon and invite.
Look! I have bravely but humbly surrendered!
When will you find the courage not to fight?

For look! I am making this my last stand!
That are still the gods of our better natures.
Look! I have now taken the sword from my hand!
When will you finally take it from yours?

“Forever Blue” Remains Forever Awesome!

 No. 5 on my all-time Top 10 list of best pop/rock/modern music albums is “Forever Blue” by Chris Isaak.  The reason for this is because every song is distinctively great and exceedingly emotionally-charged and melodic.  Isaak is not only a master guitarist and singer who can hit the highest notes (a la Roy Orbison) but his songwriting skills–especially on this album–are second to none.   Of course, you’ve got to like romantic music and torch songs to appreciate Chris Isaak, especially on this album.

The truth is, his music is haunting.  I think of him as the Frederic Chopin of today’s popular music: There is always something nostaglic, melancholic, or downright sad and tragic in his songs, especially the lyrics.  In this album he removes your heart (rips out is more like it!) several times and maybe by the end of the record hands it back to you.  Maybe.  And maybe not.  But it is a beautifully painful experience well worth losing your heart over, which Chris Isaak obviously did in order to write this musical tome.  I don’t know who or what broke his heart.  But I never get tired of Forever Blue breaking mine.

Enjoy this inimitable song sample from the album: