Being Interviewed Can Be So Biographical and So Much Fun!


Recently, in this literary and verbose month of February, 2020, I enjoyed the pleasure of being interviewed by intrepid reporter-journalist Emily Sweet of the Daily Bruin.

Emily is an exceptional interviewer, so patient and skilled in getting at the intricacies of a life and career lived and experienced. And I never thought that being in the interviewee hot seat (for a change!) could be so fulfilling and fun!

I don’t believe mine has been a life and career that’s been uneventful or boring. And since this is quality writing I believe easily exceeds my own, I hope you give it a gander and you also find it fun! By all means, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Click here for some fun reading:

The Good Typist by Kristen McHenry is Enwhelming!



Every Monday I’m saved from the dreaded stresses and pressures of the day by doing just one simple thing: visiting the popular blog The Good Typist and reading the newest post by inspiring poet-writer Kristen McHenry.

It’s always relieving, assuaging, soothing and such a stimulating joy and pleasure to read!

Today’s post is no exception. Just click your finger and go here now and be saved:



Major Bill White is 104 years young and the oldest living U.S. Marine and “was enlisted and crossed the equator on board the USS Colorado in 1936 as a ‘shellback.’ He was stationed at Pearl Harbor from 1936 to 1937 before being transferred to the 4th Marine Regiment in Shanghai.”

Major White is also a hero of the Battle of Iwo Jima during World War II and a veteran of the Korean War, with 30 years in the Corps!

Just over the past few days Major White has been featured online regarding his “Valentine’s Day Campaign” to receive greetings and cards from well-wishers for Valentine’s Day. These stories can be found online and he has in fact received over 300,000 cards from people all over the world for his holiday effort.

Major White is still going strong and is ready to even re-up if needed! So, Semper Fi to you, Marine, and happy Valentine’s Day! We salute you. 🇺🇸️💖🇺🇸️

Read his entire story:

Catch the Purple-Powerful Post from The Good Typist!


We’re just reeling from this week’s post by the one and only Kristen McHenry. Some people just have no idea how much fun it can be to read. Fun, stimulating, entertaining, enlightening and inspiring!

Check out Kristen’s post today and her ever-popular blog The Good Typist and find out for yourself just how much fun reading can be!


The 59 Vets Introduces You to Katmai National Park!



If you admire grizzly bears and rugged terrain, you’ll definitely admire and appreciate Katmai National Park in Alaska!

Establish in late 1980 and consisting of over 3,674,529.00 acres of rugged forests, mountains, rivers and amazing wildlife, Katmai National Park sits on the Alaska Peninsula which extends to the southwest from the mainland of Alaska and ends with the Aleutian Islands. The peninsula separates the Pacific Ocean from Bristol Bay, an arm of the Bering Sea. And is a park every serious hiker, rafter, fisher and wildlife lover can get seriously lost in.

The park protects the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, an ash flow formed by the 1912 eruption of Novarupta, as well as Mount Katmai. But grizzly bears are definitely the park’s gatekeepers. In fact, there are over 2,000 of them that frolic through the park each year to catch spawning salmon and people’s photographic lens. Other wildlife includes caribou, wolves, moose, wolverines and even brown bears.

Visit the U.S. National Park Service website to learn more about Katmai National Park, and come visit us the 59 Veterans to learn about our project to help military veterans (at with whom we can’t wait to ascend this grizzly summit!



It’s still not too late to make a New Year’s resolution. And make it for a dream you truly believe in; are resolved not to give up on and will never surrender! — Patrick The Poet



For years there was no pain or illness in your eyes.
Only beauty and the joy of a lover’s sighs.
That would see us spend eternity together,
When I used to dream that love would live forever.

But it is always life that fails us in the end,
And the fate of frailty we cannot change or mend.
No matter how hard we try to preserve the dream,
Sorrow and loss become every life’s final theme.

So are Love and Hope who must join the fragile past.
And I, with memories, which shall too briefly last?
Now in sleep must gaze into the depths of your eyes,
And pray somewhere there is a dream that never dies.


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Let Kristen McHenry and The Good Typist Inspire You to Monday Greatness!



I’ve always loved stories that enlighten, empower and inspire. And this week’s post on the popular blog The Good Typist is definitely one such story.

And a true story it also is. By none other than The Good Typist and Miss Inspiration herself: poet-novelist Kristen McHenry.

Not only this, but this week’s post is also fun, funny and profound to read. And I can’t think of a better way to ignite the gray matter and start the workweek off right with but a single click!

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