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Reading Kristen McHenry’s blog for this week’s issue of The Good Typist leaves me almost speechless but totally stirred, reflective, inspired and moved. If there’s anything really worth reading and really worth being moved and affected by, this is it.

I offer you this beauty free of charge and movingly, here:

Come Tour Voyageurs National Park with the 59 Veterans!

Voyageurs National Park


Our national park system has 59 national parks. And every single one of them is a place of magic, majesty and rugged magnificence. And this is totally the case for Voyageurs National Park in upper Minnesota!

Established in 1971 and protecting four major lakes near the Canada–U.S. border, Voyageurs National Park is an epic site for hiking, swimming, canoeing, kayaking and fishing. The park also conserves a lavish history populated by Ojibwe Native Americans, French fur traders (called voyageurs) and gold prospectors and miners. The park was formed millions of years ago by glaciers and consists of a region featuring tall bluffs, rock gardens, islands, bays and many historic buildings.

Voyageurs National Park–an epic place of magic, majesty and rugged magnificence, and one that the 59 Veterans can’t wait to experience alongside military veterans with whom we will climb this summit together!

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If an open heart is the path to love, and love is the path to happiness, all you have to do is open up.



I can hear your heart speak
In half heartbroken tones.
Regretful of the past,
Fearful of the future.
In tragic, changeless ways:
There’s much you should have done.
There’s much you wish you had.
Oh, the life we lost together!

For I would speak them too
In full heartbroken tones.
Regretful of this life,
Hopeless of the future.
For all the changeless days:
Oh, I should have loved you.
I should have loved you more.
I should have loved you forever!


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Come Honor Independence Day with the 59 Veterans!



On July Fourth, two hundred and forty-three years ago, the Founding Fathers of America issued a Declaration of Independence throughout the land declaring our liberty and freedom as a nation.

Since that day, every year we celebrate our independence on this date and remember those who have made our freedom possible. These are the men and women who have served and serve in our Armed Forces. They embody the spirit of duty, bravery and sacrifice. So it is our pleasure at the 59 Veterans to honor them first and foremost.

Thank you for your service!

We salute you!

Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸️💖🇺🇸️

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Happy July 4th from Meet…THE OddsMaker!

Tomorrow’s the big one! And all of us here at Meet…THE OddsMaker want to wish all our friends, book aficionados and fellow Americans a Happy & Safe July 4th Independence Day. May your day be full of fun, food, fireworks and reverence!

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Check Out this Delicious Read from The Good Typist!


Kristen McHenry’s mouthwatering, palate-challenging food exposé in The Good Typist this week is a real culinary teeth-grinder of a delicious read!  

Dining is here:

Come Visit Wrangell-St. Elias National Park with the 59 Veterans!


Breathtakingly scenic, rugged and nature-epic as any place in the world can be, established on December 2, 1980 and consisting of over 8 million acres of terrain, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Alaska is the largest of all America’s 59 national parks.

The giant reserve protects the convergence of the Alaska, Chugach and Wrangell-Saint Elias Ranges that include many of the continent’s tallest mountains and volcanoes, including 18,008-foot Mount Saint Elias. More than a quarter of the park is covered with glaciers, including the tidewater Hubbard Glacier, piedmont Malaspina Glacier and the valley Nabesna Glacier.

If you love mountainous territory and hiking, climbing, fishing, skiing and a host of other rugged outdoor activities, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is for you!
It’s also for us, and we can’t wait to be experiencing it with military veterans we will be preparing for a career in 4K ultra high-definition and virtual reality videography. To learn more about this park, visit:

To learn about us, the 59 Veterans, we hope to hear from you at and will join us as we ascend this summit together!

1Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

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