It is that time of year again and it is our great pleasure and sacred duty here at the 59 VETERANS PROJECT to extend a special holiday greeting to all our military veterans and to all the men and women serving in our Armed Forces. They are the bravest and best among us, and their service to our country is most revered.
Thus we want to take this time to wish them and all our friends, followers and family here on Facebook and throughout the Internet and world a sincere MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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59 Vets Takes You to Canyonlands National Park!

Canyonlands National Park STORMS
Canyonlands National Park in southeastern Utah (near the town of Moab) is not only filled with countless majestic canyons, mesas and buttes that overlook the equally majestic Colorado River, but experiences some of most majestic and epic storms anywhere in America.
As evidence by this photo from the Canyonlands National Park site here on Facebook, the storm-filled vistas of this beautiful national park are a magnificent place to take photos and teach 4K & VR videography to the military veterans who will be with us in the near future.
A video record of Canyonlands National Park is what veterans and the 59 VETERANS PROJECT will be creating when our project kicks off in the upcoming months. We hope you check back with us here on Facebook for updates and the photo-journalist articles we have to share with you (here: And hope you join us as we ascend this lofty summit together!


I once wrote a book of verse all about the Vietnam War–a book I hope to get published again someday soon.  Well, a few poems therein were and are slightly controversial, like this selection herewith.  But no matter what side of any political or philosophical issue you may be on my poem herewith, it was written for those who were the parents of a son.  Anyway, a little controversy is good now and then.  It thwarts boredom, inflexibility, narrowmindedness and of course the ever-worrisome problem of complacency.  🙂
Have a great non-complacent Tuesday!
Patrick The Poet 


They stole him from me to send him off to war,
And there he stayed to fight and die till it was done.
It's bad when governments steal sons from you,
And he was my son.
They said this war had to be fought
And that it was for a just and noble cause.
So, since I was patriotic and voted for them,
I stood by their laws.
But it always seems to be the young who go
And against whom the scales of death are swung.
It's bad when governments send young men off to die,
And my son was young.

For what matters to them of a million deaths
When war is the tender of life they promote?
You can be sure when their reelection comes up,
They won't get my vote!
For the enemy is now my chosen leader,
The enemy called peace that all governments abhor!
And you can be sure they won't get any more of my sons,
Till they end all war.
Oh, they may think they can get away with murder
And do any damn thing they feel must be done,
But they won't take what I love away from me again,
And I loved my son.