Maybe the only thing worse than having no one to love is having to suffer platitudes from people who do.  They never cease giving advice and telling you what you need and how to obtain or earn it.  They’ve got love so they’ve got happiness.  So obviously they’re way ahead of you and closer to answering the mystery of the universe than you ever will.  So I find these people sometimes quite annoying; you know, the people who seeming got everything.  And know it.  And all you want more than anything is someone to love.

Here’s a poem that better explains–or at least more deeply explains–exactly what I mean.

We all need someone to love and be loved by,
Clearly and dearly and with deep affection.
For such love makes our lives full–and so did I!
Long ago make such a cosmic connection.
And her eyes were endless and her hair was black,
And her smile was the color of happiness.
Still, though it’s been years since she never came back,
My life lives for the knowing of one more kiss!
For her lips were rubies and her love was bliss,
And every night the fire inside our hearts would dance!
So what care have I for those who’ll never miss
The infinite longing for a second chance?
So, was I ever happy, you dare to ask?
You who have no quarrel with happiness or why!
Oh, spare yourself pondering the thankless task.
Have you not someone to love and be loved by?