Neil Diamond – Morningside

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Back in the ’70’s this used to be my favorite song by Neil Diamond.  It’s still up there in my Top 10 list.  Recently, I stumbled across this video made back in the day for this beautiful ballad, which stars the artist.  And it’s a gem, just like the song.  Take a listen and a watch.  And enjoy the melodic, melancholic reverence of Morningside.



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Hooked On The Memory of You‏

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Our favorite artists often never release their best songs from their albums.  And radio stations aren’t always doing their job finding the best new songs to play for people to enjoy.  Neil Diamond sure has written a large catalog of beautiful songs he’s never released as singles.  Here is one that falls into that category of beautiful music deprivation–this gem of a romantic ballad from Diamond’s incomparable 1988 album The Best Years of Our Lives.  I remember it well.  It was one of the best years of my life.  And this melodic number may be one of the best songs by Neil Diamond you’ve never heard until now!

Patrick The Poet


Lady Magdelene

N. DIAMONDI’ve always said that most lovers of Neil Diamond’s music hardly know him at all, for most his greatest songs he never released as singles.  You have to be a serious diehard fan who buys or has bought his albums over the years to full appreciate his songwriting skills and the sensationally unique songs he has written throughout his career.

One such song is this one, Lady Magdelene, a spiritual-philosophical ballad that is very unique indeed for the most unusual examination and description it presents about the meaning of love and those who believe in it.  This is a very beautiful song, and for those of you who thought you knew the extreme depth and sensitivity of Neil Diamond’s music are in for a special treat…and a spritual-philosophical trip seldom found in popular music.  Enjoy!


Courtin’ Disaster by ND

The greatest songs Neil Diamond ever wrote are songs he never released as singles.  This lilting, haunting, melancholic ballad is one of those songs, and one I used to sing myself when long ago I had a penchant for the profession.  Anyway, if you appreciate Neil Diamond and love beautiful melody, deep meanings, and a haunting torch song, this should do it for you.  Does it for me every time I listen to Courtin’ Disaster.  And in such a bittersweet way reminds me of the times I courted it.  Maybe it will do the same to you, too.  And maybe someday we might learn something from the bittersweet sorrow so many of us experience in this life.  One can hope!
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Rainy Day Song by ND

Here is what I consider Neil Diamond’s most beautiful, most upbeat, and most inspiring song he ever wrote and sang.  It’s from his incomparable ablum “On The Way To The Sky.”  If you’re ever feeling down, this is the song to listen to, as I have many times during my life.  And what an uplift it is!  Hope you enjoy.
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This Diamond Is Forever!

If you appreciate upbeat, feel-good music then this No. 1 hit by Neil Diamond from the late 1970s should really put a smile on your face.  It always does on mine every time I hear it: FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS.  Neil Diamond is one of the Top 10 most successful singers in the history of music and has more hits than I do blogs.  So you could say that this Diamond is indeed a gem–a rare and unique one all its own.  And one whose inimitable music and many disparate, beautiful songs will be around for people to listen to and enjoy forever. 

To enjoy this great number, click on this link:, and don’t forget to put on your blue jeans!