The Universe


Once we see that life is a classroom and every day is filled with lessons, maybe we’ll learn less of suffering than joy. — Patrick The Poet



It was not a sheer moment of crisis
But only an instance of kindred death.
When he spoke the unbridled truth to her
That culled her heart and spirit of hope and breath.

“Oh, for your disdain of love and friendship,
And for your contempt of truth and beauty,
And humility and eclectic thought,
I deny you access to wisdom and me!

May you find intellectual beauty
In the next life…wherever it may be.
And may The Universe gaze down on you
Not with censure, but with sorrow and pity.”


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There are some things in life you must never give up on and always believe in! –

– Patrick The Poet



Somewhere out there\

I know I will find you,

someone kind and gentle and fair,

who has also stood in the darkness,

but never let it blind you.


For somewhere out there

I know you will find me,

beyond the darkness, and above

the world so harsh and cruel and bare.

To come and caressingly remind me

why we must never give up on love.


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Sometimes people hire me to write a personal poem for them. To commemorate or memorialize something they’ve experienced. And sometimes I don’t even have to be hired to write it. — Patrick The Poet



The person I thought was a kindred friend
Ruthlessly put our friendship to an end.
Our of boredom or malice, what you will,
Became a slayer, and is slaying still!

But I forgive the treason and pedantry,
And the ruthless betrayal of friendship and me.
I even forgive the deliberate blindness
Used to justify the murder of kindness!

But what is unforgiveable and resolute
That left even the most gentle soul harsh and mute,
Is the contrived innocence and mendacity
That dared ask the betrayed: “Why did you betray me!”


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If an open heart is the path to love, and love is the path to happiness, all you have to do is open up.



I can hear your heart speak
In half heartbroken tones.
Regretful of the past,
Fearful of the future.
In tragic, changeless ways:
There’s much you should have done.
There’s much you wish you had.
Oh, the life we lost together!

For I would speak them too
In full heartbroken tones.
Regretful of this life,
Hopeless of the future.
For all the changeless days:
Oh, I should have loved you.
I should have loved you more.
I should have loved you forever!


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07 ResolutionsofEpicProportions

The Past

Sometimes the thing that keeps coming back never left in the first place, though you had to forever let it go.



You never have to forget the past.
You never have to regret the loss.
Pain and grief do not forever last,
Any more than a stone gathers moss.
Doesn’t matter where the road has led.
Doesn’t matter what was never said.
(Nor why your heart lies empty and dead!)
You don’t stop loving someone when they fail to try.
You don’t stop loving someone when they say goodbye.

Eschew all those who skulk around you

Ordering you how and what to feel,
Trying to harden and unbound you,
Claiming the past is lost and not real.
No, embrace the sorrow and regret.
Never let the world make you forget.
(Nor the soul of love you sought and met!)
You don’t stop loving someone when they say goodbye.
You don’t stop loving someone just because they die.
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