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Our pet logo brought to life! So excited to share some new Pupdated with you all 🐶🐱💕

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New Law Makes it a Crime to Say a Pet is a Service Animal Who Isn’t

Beginning September 1, people in Alabama who falsely claim that their pet is a #ServiceAnimal can face criminal charges. Here: https://bit.ly/2THCeu4

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You Need to Read”Passion for Empathy = Superior Business”

My friend and professional colleague Victoria has written a very important and heartwarming article on LinkedIn I think everyone would enjoy reading. It is entitled. “Passion for Empathy = Superior Business,” and I think it’s something everyone can benefit from reading. Please segue on over and give it a gander and leave a like and tell Victoria what you think. Your input is sought! Here: https://goo.gl/IUV5AI