For those who love romantic poetry, might you enjoy this poem and share with all those who love the same!





I yearn to walk through life and relish every spring day,
And relive every bliss we have ever known and felt.
For all I ever need is to see you just glance my way,
And instantaneously my heart begins to melt!

Sometimes I feel like the sunlight that catches your hair,
That can’t wait to hold you after but a moment apart.
For my life remains but a slave to every smile you share,
And to those sweet beautiful brown eyes that captured my heart!

Ah, all the joy you have given to me is both young and new;
You have filled my life with happiness and family!
Never was one ever loved as much as I love you.
Never I imagined one so perfect could ever love me!

You are passionate and kind, my love, and elegant and wise;
The measure of your goodness is beyond all belief!
Were it the moon could steal all the stars in all the skies,
For you, I would give a thousand endless lives to be that thief!

Ah, for clearly you were created to dispense joy and love—
Your strength, your virtue, your grace and your empowerment.
None can rival you…except maybe angels above—
Your poise, your laughter, your words and your encouragement!

For my soul is enraptured and my life has been blessed,
To experience every day like a day of spring!
For you are my map and compass, and it’s time I confessed…
Ah, walking through life with you, has been a magnificent thing.


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