There are many structured forms of verse to challenge poets and their poetical skills.  Hands down the most difficult and complicated form or poem structure to pen is the sestina.  You can learn all about a sestina on either or both these sites:

And, at this time, you can read an original sestina right here on my blog…for I wrote one (actually two!) several years ago and had the pleasure of seeing it published in a literary magazine at the time.  As you will see, the form adheres more to itself and its structure than it does to elegance of language or poeticness.  But if you’re one of those who has a convoluted mind, the sestina is something you should definitely enjoy!

Patrick The Poet

For all our lives we should seek nothing but the truth.  
And to rise above the lies that live inside us.–   
Even those that were the flaws of good nature.   
And though we still know not the meaning of it all,   
Some of us will look for it in goodness and love.   
And some find it in the shadows that conceal light.   
Still, though it comes more often at dusk or twilight
And oftentimes as tragedy and bitter truth,
Impoverished of beauty and bereft of love
And wrought with all the fears that always deride us,
Whenever we decide we do not know it all–
We pray to find the God of our better nature!
And though hate be one strength of our human nature
That looms to empower us to hold back the light
(So that we can live like gods, if we live at all!)
And tempt us from having to face the bitter truth,
Should not urge our minds to keep our hearts outside us
Everytime we find it too difficult to love.
For we should see the stars above and beg for love
And hope to be forgiven for our worst nature.
That if there be a goodness that lives inside us,
May it offer eternal comfort and delight!
And not the grief of an unacceptable truth
That shows us only darkness…or nothing at all.
Yet somewhere there must be a light that shines for all,
And over this dark planet, so bereft of love.
That so starved and thirsting for beneficial truth
That we might rise beyond our inhuman nature
And live to finally find our eternal light–
Not inside some dubious faith, but inside us!
For neither hate nor grief can kill what’s inside us
If we always hold love and truth as best of all.
And neither is death nor darkness stronger than light
Nor hate ever capable of destroying love
If we seek the angels of our better nature
And always battle evil with goodness and truth!
For there dwells inside us deathless hope and true love.
But best of all, that which is our truest nature:
To reach and bask in perfect light…and live in truth!