Of all the popular online social networks, there is one whose main focus is business between and for business people and professional businesses.  And this significant online social network is called Linkedin (  Linkedin is about building professional relationships and making contact with potential clients, customers, colleagues, and leads.  It is also about marketing and promoting your business and connecting to people who have a good chance of being like-minded and directly interested in what your business does and is about.
Unlike Facebook Bobo, Digg, MySpace, Twitter, and similar social websites, Linkedin is less about making new friends, dating, social relationships, and pen-pal chatting than it is about doing real business online.  It may be more difficult to make or earn contacts on Linkedin but it’s easier to find real business people online and those who stand a much better chance to be interested in your business, purchase your product(s), and even join and become a part of your business network.  Most everyone on Linkedin is unequivocal about why he is there.  It’s not to meet charming people or look for a love mate.  It’s to wheel and deal and make critical connections which may evolve into significant business between all parties concerned.  

You should join Linkedin immediately if you haven’t already.  No need to eschew Facebook and the other social websites.  They are important, too.  Linkedin is just more important and a more direct means to your building your business lists, acquiring leads and affiliates, making significant business contacts, and letting the right people know about who you are and what you do and why they need to do business with you.  Get linked to Linkedin, and see your business get linked to doing real business online!

A Simple Sales Ad

It’s interesting how people ask me regularly if craigslist is a good place to advertise and market one’s business.  My first instant reaction is to answer: “Duh!  You think?!”  Then of course, humility and empathy get a hold of me and I simply say, “Duh, are you kidding!!” lol
Nah, you couldn’t be kidding.  Perhaps you just didn’t know.  So let me tell you how it’s done on craigslist.  Or, more specifically, let me tell you one simple powerful way to advertise on craigslist and market your business to success.  Especially if yours is an online marketing business or a site offering jobs to people.  It goes like this:
Let’s do say that your business is a job posting site and you want to get employers to post their job ads on your site.  There are literally hundreds if not thousands of job sites online for them to post their ads to reach job candidates.  But let’s say you already got 50,000 job candidates visiting your site.  But you need job postings to keep them visiting.  This means you need employers to post on your site.  But you can’t let them post for free, right?  You need to make an income and a profit, just like everyone.  So what to do?  Easy.  Advertise your job posting website on craigslist to get employers to post on your website.  Advertise with a simple sales ad.
Make sure your sales is clear and concise, to the point, and written in a compelling and even conversational manner.  But most importantly, what you need to state in your sales ad something that will market your website to employers to get them to post on your website.  And what you need to give them is simple: You need to offer them an incentive to post their jobs on your website.  Simple enough, yes? 

So offer them an incentive.  And keep it simply and low-cost at the beginning.  Let’s say you want to at least get one hundred employers to post on your site.  Or maybe even two hundred employers.  Offer them a low-cost incentive.  How about only $5.00 to post a single job ad on your site per week, and their ad gets to stay on your site for the entire week.  Five bucks is pretty cheap for a company to pay to post an ad online for a whole week.  And since there are actually millions of employers out there offering jobs and with ads to post, it becomes very easy to get just one hundred employers to post an ad with you.  And when they do, you will earn $500 for that week.  This of course translates into earning $2,000 per month.  Not chump change.  Yes?  Imagine if a mere thousand employers post an ad on your site each week!
Simply post your sales ad on a continual basis throughout all of craigslist to begin with.  Then also send the sales ad as a letter to employers directly, especially to employers who have ads on craigslist who are looking to find job candidates and employees via the CL website.  Just make sure you state clearly in your sales ad that you are only charging employers five dollars per ad to post on your site each week to be posted for the duration of that week. 
Now here’s the really big incentive you have to get those employers posting on your site: TELL THEM IN YOUR SALES AD HOW MANY SUBSCRIBERS YOU HAVE TO YOUR WEBSITE, AND HOW MANY VISITS (HITS) YOU GET EVERYDAY!!  Once they know you get thousands of job searchers each day visiting your site who are looking for jobs, then employers will become instantly motivated to post their classifieds on your site and in your newsletter.  Especially since you are only charging $5.00 to post an ad per week! 
I don’t care what product you have to sell: a multi level marketing business, toothpicks, shaving cream, or alligator shoes.  Too few people are utilizing the unlimited marketing power of the Internet.  The most powerful FREE marketing site on the Internet is CRAIGSLIST.  It has its spam, scams, and nonsense, no doubt.  But it also has tens of millions of honest real people surfing its pages looking for products, services, jobs, and business opportunities.  Or offering them.  One simple but compelling sales ad can help you tap into this incredible free marketing bonanza immediately.  And how easy is it to write a short, simple sales ad?  Duh!  Like, really easy!  🙂
So go for it.  And make it easy on yourself in earning some good income asap!

Are You Missing Out On Craigslist?

 Did you know that craigslist gets millions of visitors each week,   maybe sometimes even per day? And you’re not advertising your business there? Tell me it ain’t so!

 Look, it’s free to advertise on craigslist. All you need to do is open a free account with craigslist and then start posting your ad to market your business product and/or service. And yes, it is is free. With one free craigslist account you can post your ad every two days in three cities anywhere in the world. Reach people locally, regionally, nationally, and even globally. Write yoiur ad, choose your cities, and post. Then remember to start visiting your email inbox to retrieve the messages from people who will answer your ad and want to do business with you. I mean, can it get any easier or more free than this? Forget TV, radio, and the print industry. Right here, online, reach potentially millions of people and market your business and earn lots of green stuff right now. And do so the free and easy way, of couse. On craigslist!