Motion Picture Money Formula By MarieAnna Dvorak


No matter what is said about a film investment guarantee, there isn’t such a thing as a guarantee before film audiences say so. No bankable name, distribution pre-sale or even the most remarkable story can guarantee success before a film hits the box office and costly P&A expenses are paid. These elements help, but they don’t guarantee investment return.

Such insecurity is greatly eliminated when a film is based on a bestseller book which already has pre-existing fans and publicity. Especially, when millions of readers are calling for clarification of the story.

One such book was based on the real life of someone who is still alive, however, muddled by fiction. The line between fiction and nonfiction is disturbing, leaving readers confused and curious about what is real and what is fiction. Thus, these questions can only be answered by the actual character; and she is ready now to undertake to answer all the questions in her motion picture. What was the book based on, and what was the true life of the character, will certainly astonish the readers.

Nearly 10,000 reviews have been written and countless comments made on this novel that topped the bestseller list in the 1980s. It certainly deserves the high rating for its popularity hasn’t changed, except that what was reality at the time of its release is today an essential part of our history.

During the intervening years the book has been read in 18 languages. There is no saying how many millions of people read the book. According to my estimate, if only half of them buy a theater ticket, the domestic and international box office will generate $120 million in gross.

Production of the motion picture needs an executive producer. It will be held in a Major European Studio and partially in New York.

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A Press Release Is a Great Way to Market Your Business

A press release is an official announcement of some event or occurrence or act that’s about to be taken which is written in a unique document form and submitted to media outlets.  These media outlets can include television, radio, newspapers, magazines, ezines (online magazines), wire services, public relation firms, and to so many other entities in the news and information business.  Are you launching a new business or new website?  Changing products or a product name?  Expanding your business?  Hiring a new CEO?  Changing the formula to your chicken soup?  Planning on holding a wedding party?  You name it or name some some kind of event or activity that’s taking place or about to take place, and you can issue a press release to announce it to the world.  And should, because a press release allows you to reach literally millions of people through the numerous media outlets to whom you send your press release and even induce one or many of them to interview you, do a feature on you, and give you and your business extra coverage and free public relations.  Matter of fact, I might send out a press release to announce the publication of this article here!
Need help on how to write a press release and get it distributed to media?  Check out these very helpful online sites: