Thailand Will Have HSR Within Six Years!


More than 500 Japanese firms led by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Investment (METI) are traveling to Thailand this month to discuss and plan the building of a high speed rail line to run between Thailand’s major cities of Bangkok and Rayong (a distance of 193 km).

Construction on the line is slated to begin next year, to be completed and up and running by 2023–a mere six years from now. Trains will travel at 160km per hour, and the The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) estimates at least 103,000 people will travel the rail daily, while tourism and commerce improve substantially throughout the region.

The question is, will all of Asia have tens of thousands of miles of HSR and be completely connected by super-speed transportation within a few more years before the United States even lays one foot of bullet train track?



This is a pretty sad commentary upon the greatest and most industrialized nation in the world. You think?

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