The 59 Vets Needs a Big Tent!

The 59 Veterans Project is gearing up to launch its enterprise to train U.S. veterans for a career in 4K ultra high-definition and virtual reality videography. The project is slated to produce a series of 1-hour programs featuring each of America’s magnificent 59 National Parks.

You all remember the TV show M.A.S.H. Well folks, we are scouting around to find a large tent (like the one in the TV show and the picture above) for an upcoming promotional shoot for the 59 Vets Project in Shenandoah National Park. So, if any of you might have such a tent to lend us, or know of someone who has such a tent to loan or rent out, please contact us at your earliest opportunity.

We will offer the loaner to be a part of the promo shoot and we will provide a stipend for their travel to join us at Shenandoah. Please contact us via our email or on Facebook or here on LinkedIn at your earliest opportunity.

Thank you!

Jeffrey Ehrenkrantz

Main Website:

Come Join the 59 Vets in Their Salute to Gary Sinise!


Not since Bob Hope was around has there been a celebrity who has devoted more to U.S. veterans and active duty military than film actor Gary Sinise. Here at the 59 Veterans Project we know of no other individual who supports and helps veterans like Gary does.

He is well-deserving of the awards and acknowledgement he receives for his support and devotion to all our men and women in uniform, past and present. Therefore…

To Mr. Gary Sinise, we salute you!️ ️️️️

A Beautiful Message From Meet The OddsMaker!



For those of you who have not yet read Ted Hasson’s bestselling life story Meet…THE OddsMaker, copies are still available and we encourage you to experience the read of a lifetime. By going here:

Meanwhile, it’s our pleasure here at MTOM to share this beautiful meme from The LHM on Facebook. We hope you do the same! 😚

Youth, Beauty & Health for You from Chandler Tea!


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They are here for you:

LinkedIn Expert Here to Make Your LinkedIn Expertly Awesome!

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor


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Time waits for no one; neither does success!


Sunset Over Badlands Yellow Mounds

It is our pleasure here at the 59 VETS to introduce all our online friends and followers to extraordinary professional photographer and U.S. Navy veteran Wes Gibson.

Wes is working with the 59 VETS in our project to train U.S. Veterans for a career in 4K ultra high-definition and virtual reality videography. The project is slated to produce a series of 1-hour programs featuring each of America’s magnificent 59 National Parks.

Presently Wes is on assignment with us at Badlands National Park in South Dakota creating a photographic journey of this epic place which we are delighted to begin sharing with everyone at this time.

It is our great pleasure to welcome Wes Gibson into our ranks, and we hope you stop by our page on Facebook often to view his incredible photographs and what promises to be an epic national park journey of rugged beauty and visual splendor!

Meanwhle, check out Wes Gibson at Badlands National Park this week:

59 VETS on Facebook…

Enjoy Youthful, Beautiful Skin with Khmer Cream from Chandler Tea!

Sunlight can be so good for the skin, and the vitamin D it provides you. So I love summer and spending time at the beach. But to keep my skin really youthful and wrinkle-free, I use Khmer Cream from Chandler Tea. You deserve to look and feel young and walk the beach, too! — Oni Vitandham

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