Parents and grandparents would often tell us to count our blessings. Here’s at least one we should count. — Patrick The Poet



There are things only a poet knows,
Who was born to share them till the end.
That when the rain falls and the wind blows,
You need to share your heart with a friend.

For no one should go through life alone.
Nor go through life without confessing
That when the waves crash and the sands moan,
You need to count your every blessing.

For there are things every poet knows,
Which neither time nor death can destroy.
One is the memory of all those
Who brought you friendship and gave you joy.


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Memories are everything. And sometimes they are incredibly haunting things. — Patrick The Poet



All the people I loved so true
Have become like ghosts inside me.
Where I keep them alive and new
Like the sand does the mournful sea.

Sometimes they rise without warning
Or at my bidding and wanting.
But every evening and morning
I worship their time of haunting.

Thus, I am a soul torn apart,
Like the dead who live inside me.
Still, love knows how to soothe a heart
Like the sand does the mournful sea.


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As the maestro Robert Frost once wrote, what’s more important than changing the world is not letting the world change you. It’s more important to stay true to your heart and soul. Yes? — Patrick The Poet



Time can make you feel so lonely
For the people you used to touch.
Until one day you discover
They never loved you quite so much.

They filled a void for a short time.
And yes, you filled one for them, too.
But unlike theirs brief and fleeting,
Your touch was deep and always true.

Now they claim you as a stranger
And curse the feelings they denied.
But what they could not love or touch,
At least in you has never died.


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Everyone who has had their heart betrayed or broken, knows. It cannot be concealed forever, nor from everyone. — Patrick The Poet



Of love, I saw no rapt, existent flame,
Upon her face and plain for all to see.
And though she never spoke the word or name,
I knew she must have grieved love just like me.

For of love, I once saw the world broken,
While among strangers someone spoke the name.
When it was spoken, she heard it spoken,
Then her face darkened like a smothered flame.


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