As a professional writer, there are numerous writing and editing services I provide professional businesses and regular folks. One of these is writing personalized poems. And regardless of the subject or specifics, I can probably write you an elegant and poignant poem to memorialize that special person or event you have in mind. And my fees are quite reasonable! I also write different categories of verse including romance, nature, philosophy. humor, family, politics and even for brand products.

Here is a form of verse called the sonnet–two of them actually–which, if you really appreciate romantic poetry, just might do the job!


I felt among strangers that final day,
Like mourners at a graveyard donned in black;
Mourning the sight of you walking away,
Though you stopped for a moment to look back.
I knew you could not see that I saw you,
And the look of sorrow upon your face.
That sadly a last look did not draw you
To return to a sweet and warmer place!
It was never somewhere you hoped to be,
Even the times when feeling loved felt great.
So why bother now looking back to see
What you knew long ago would be too late?
So go away, as have I, and walk on;
There’s no use looking back for what is gone.


No amount of love knows what lies ahead,
Nor what sorrowful words remain unsaid.
For not everyone fears desolation
At the time when goodbye is first spoken.
Still, sometimes love offers consolation
When there is more than one heart that’s broken.
Often it’s not seen in a lover’s eyes
When goodbye is meant as the final good.
But can’t forgive and forget when loves dies
To explain what cannot be understood.
So in silence I would speak another,
(The word farewell you whispered at the end!)
A word only spoken by a lover…
But never someone who had been a friend.

A Seaward Dream

ImageIt’s not enough to love someone from a distance or only as a friend.  Especially when you know that person should love you with the same passion and intensity that you love them.  There needs to be true romance and true fidelity for that person you dare to love more than all else in this life.  And when you find that person it’s of dire importance you hold on tight to them and never let them go.  Cherish and protect them with all your might and know that God has been immensely generous to you. 

Doesn’t matter what the past had said or what the rest of the world says to you.  Go out and find that true love and remain forever loyal to it.  Then you will be truly romantic and a true romanticist.  Sort of like this poem I wrote herewith:

There are seaward dreams we dream at night and keep.
To help us live through now and the years ahead.
Dreams that come to us in waking time and sleep,
To stave us from the shore where darkness has fed,
Where we so foolishly chose to be misled.
Ah, were it not so impossible and strange,
I would travel through time and visit the past.
But only for one great thing to do and change:
To take all these griefs and pains time has amassed
And fix this lover’s destiny I had cast.
And there I would find you where I saw you last
(Though how frail had been your heart, I never knew!);
Then taking with me what I know, to the past,
Would I save your life–and then save my own, too.
And begin by simply saying, “I love you!”
Then would I take my time machine back to now
And once again find you where I knew you last,
Where both the present and future disavow
All the foolish mistakes we made in the past.
I would tell you the loneliness of being alone,
From the last person I loved who suddenly left me,
No doubt, to visit lands registered in rock and stone
To survive we who love the dark beauty of the sea!
For truly its emerald depths are dark and lovely
And as sadly disconcerting as clouds are to wind.
But still, I would join you in the huge depths of the sea
Since you too have been lonely and in need of a friend.
It might be I’ll save you, and then save myself as well.
And we might see salvation no one has ever seen!
Then perhaps we’ll find love–though it’s too early to tell,
Although we know this is what life is supposed to mean!
In fact, I may take your heart and hold it near to mine,
And together feel how the clouds brush against the wind!
And then when the seaward sun comes out once more to shine,
My lips may brush against yours…and call you more than friend.