Roy Orbison – She’s A Mystery To Me

ROY ORBISONThis song, this music, this voice–the one and only Roy Orbison!  Such sonic beauty.  Could it possibly get any more beautiful than this?  You tell me.

Patrick The Poet

P.S.  When The Beatles went on their first world tour, guess who opened for them at every concert?  Yep, you got it…Roy Orbison.



“The Voice”

There might be but a handful of famous singers and male vocalists to whom I would confer the title, “The Voice.” Roy Orbison is definitely one of them, with a remarkable singing voice and vocal range off the charts. And a master at singing (and writing!) torch songs. Here’s one that perhaps many of you have never heard before. Goodness, it’s a beaut, and I can’t imagine listening to anyone other than Roy Orbison singing it. What would be the point?



Artist: Orbison Roy
Song: The Comedians
Album: The Essential Roy Orbison

I sat there alone upon the ferris wheel
A pastel colored carriage in the air
I thought you’d leave me dangling for a little while
A silly twist upon a childish dare

Below I saw you whispering to another man
Who held the lever that could bring me down
He’d stop the world from turning at your command
It’s always something cruel that laughter drowns

And I’m up while the dawn is breaking
Even though my heart is aching
I should be drinking a toast to absent friends
Instead of these comedians

I can hardly hear the music from the carousel
The wind picks up, the carriage starts to sway
As one by one the lights go out, it’s closing time
I see you take his hand and walk away, walk away

They say that you will always be the last to know
They say that all that glitters is not gold
It’s not just that you’re never coming back to me
It’s the bitter way that I was told

And I’m up while the dawn is breaking
Even though my heart is aching
I should be drinking a toast to absent friends
Instead of these comedians


“Forever Blue” Remains Forever Awesome!

 No. 5 on my all-time Top 10 list of best pop/rock/modern music albums is “Forever Blue” by Chris Isaak.  The reason for this is because every song is distinctively great and exceedingly emotionally-charged and melodic.  Isaak is not only a master guitarist and singer who can hit the highest notes (a la Roy Orbison) but his songwriting skills–especially on this album–are second to none.   Of course, you’ve got to like romantic music and torch songs to appreciate Chris Isaak, especially on this album.

The truth is, his music is haunting.  I think of him as the Frederic Chopin of today’s popular music: There is always something nostaglic, melancholic, or downright sad and tragic in his songs, especially the lyrics.  In this album he removes your heart (rips out is more like it!) several times and maybe by the end of the record hands it back to you.  Maybe.  And maybe not.  But it is a beautifully painful experience well worth losing your heart over, which Chris Isaak obviously did in order to write this musical tome.  I don’t know who or what broke his heart.  But I never get tired of Forever Blue breaking mine.

Enjoy this inimitable song sample from the album: