Chandler Tea Brings You Natural Health, Beauty & Tea Products of the Ultimate Kind!


Loaded with totally natural, organic ingredients from my first homeland of Cambodia, my skin, beauty and health products are now available to order online from my new company Chandler Tea. That’s me in the picture here, looking far younger than 10 years! This is because my products work, and will for you. Then I hire you to fashion model them, too!
— Oni Vitandham

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Dressing in Elegance and Beauty for a Woman by Oni Vitandham

You can never go wrong with an elegant black gown for evening-wear or any formal event. Or for your special brunch or dinner party with friends. Dress to the nines and show everyone you are a woman of elegance and beauty!
— Oni Vitandham

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Oni Vitandham Has Some Inspiration for You!


I really love inspirational quotes. Like this one. So, it’s really a pleasure to share this inspirational quote with you! — Oni Vitandham

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Oni Vitandham and the Art of Dressing Sexy!

If you want to look sexy, just dress sexy. But never overdo it. Less is almost always more when it comes to fashionable sexy! — Oni Vitandham

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First Bionic Eye Receives FDA Approval



Now there is one more reason and new invention why I would not want to live a hundred or a thousand years ago.  Consider the radio, television, electric appliances, airplanes, automobiles, skyscrapers, wall-to-wall carpeting and modern industrial sanitation, magnificently orchestrated music recorded on CDs, beautiful movies and beautiful modern books, organ transplantation, computers, iPads, cell phones, cruise ships, lighted homes and cities, high speed trains, and tennis shoes and beautiful lingerie–and I’ve only named a few of a million reasons why these are magnificent and exciting times in which we live.  Well, here is another reason, to which you can add the recent successes of transplanted limbs:

Seeing is definitely believing!

Patrick The Poet