My services are always available to write you a personalized poem, the kind of poem you may wish to dedicate to someone you love; and a poem that is substantial and real verse. Or even a poem you wish to dedicate to someone you loved and lost. Like this poem of mine herewith.
So let us put away courage and cower on the floor,
In the ghastly instances when twilight is on the eve!
For tragedy lurks, and the wolf is always at the door,
And death is everywhere–no matter what you may believe!
For we always assume that we will stay young forever
And all the salient lives we cherish will never die,
And all the ties that bind us–no truth will ever sever,
Since there is nothing–good or evil–we cannot defy!
Then suddenly…the years become an incoherent tide
And we are caught wearing grief about us like a used glove,
While struggling to keep our feelings as strangers outside
Near all the kindred souls we need but need never think of!
(And I? Who seldom ever felt grief when a stranger died?
I, at last, now know how it feels to lose someone you love.)


This is my ultimate list of the 20 Saddest Songs Ever.  But not just the saddest, but the most beautiful saddest songs ever.  Seems like a good time to get the sad songs out of the way at year-end.  Then I’ll get to the 20 happiest songs sometime in 2014.  That’s if I can even find 5 happy songs! lol

Meanwhile, give these gems a listen, have a box of Kleenex nearby and enjoy the beautiful catharsis.  And be happy!

Patrick The Poet

Bread – I Say Again



Lionel Richie – Goodbye



David Gray – Say Hello Wave Goodbye



She’s Leaving Home- The Beatles



Jackson Browne – In The Shape Of The Heart



Jackson Browne – Sky Blue And Black (with lyrics)



Jackson Browne – For A Dancer (with lyrics)



Bruce Springsteen – You’re Missing  (9/11 Tribute)



The Moody Blues – Isn’t Life Strange



John Denver –  Like A Sad Song



Michael Martin Murphy – Wildfire (with lyrics)



Gilbert O’Sullivan – Alone Again



Bobby Goldsboro – Honey (with lyrics)



Bee Gees – The Way It Was



Chris Isaak – Nothing’s Changed



Kim Richey – Didn’t I



Kenny Chesney – A Lot of Things Different



Toto – I’ll Be Over You



Paul Young – Everytime You Go Away


Tears For Fears – Everybody Wants To Rule The World


Do You Remember?

PHIL COLLINSWhen it comes to torch songs this one has got to be up there near the top.  I can’t remember when I heard it the first time on the radio being sung by that master of torch songs, Phil Collins.  The years go by and it grows more difficult to recall the time and date of every special memory and experience.  But the memory and experience is never forgotten.  Nor the feelings, the loss, the having, and the wanting.  And everything you shared with someone special…and which we all hopelessly wish to spend forever with.  Do you remember?

If you don’t, I guarantee this song will help you to.


P.S.  And if somehow the song doesn’t help you to remember, the video certainly will.  It’s as poignant and heartwrenching as the song!

LINK TO SONG:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2loAlaonqQ

LINK TO LYRICS:  http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/p/phil_collins/do_you_remember.html



Sometimes a thing can be happy and sad at the same time, and too painful to deal with but also incredible beautiful that you just can’t turn away from it.  This duality exists in many things in life I believe.  But what can you do but embrace the very thing you know you cannot bear to hold and suffer in your heart? What can you do when you know you cannot live without the very thing that will kill you?  Here is a poem about this very subject we all must face at some time in our lives.

–Patrick The Poet


I fold my arms around you,
You slip into my embrace.
While the anguish of my tears
Seems mirrored upon your face.

So I imagine them there,
Like sunlight on rainy days;
My lips kissing memories,
Like sweet lies the truth betrays.

Still I savor one last kiss,
Then lift you into your grave.
One last kiss to court the past,
And the life love failed to save.

Gone is the warmth of your lips,
Gone the treasure of your breath.
And though everything is gone,
You are beautiful in death!

For a faint smile lines your face.
Sunlight lingers in your hair.
And though life seems present still,
It’s as lifeless as despair!

Were it I could steal away
And give even one more kiss.
Instead of embracing death,
And giving more tears to this!

Yet such are life’s memories
Death scars with tears and regret:
Too painful to remember.
Too beautiful to forget.


Poetry should not have to be only light, bright, and happy, and about love and nature.  It can be other things, too.  The one and only Edgar Allan Poe incredibly demonstrated this.  So have many other popular poets.  A little darkness and sadness and misery can be well-shown and treated in a poem, and uniquely expressed beyond the capabilities of prose.  So I offer up such a poem here.  It’s not only a dark poem, but its sole purpose is to be dark  And maybe something more than this.




 Fraught with fear and sadness, caught in this mind-numbing flood
The water is just the right tint of darkness–and blood!
For the morning is long gone and the night is well fed
Upon the synonyms and metaphors of existence,
Human and otherwise, and all who failed resistance…
Where this driving, pitiful river hopelessly led!
Choose the path too easy and the purpose without rules
You find yourself drowning in a world governed by fools!
For we hate these truth-filled answers so take lust to bed
Or upon the desert air pretend stark defiance,
As the Morning Star knows for whom you swore allegiance,
As lies bring comfort while vultures circle overhead!
We sell our lives for pennies, we sell our souls for gold,
Then comes the Devil’s due we pray death won’t be so cold!
Did you think to sulk in safety and escape the dread?
That God was always near and would forgive each dark day?
And show that the righteous path was the easier way?
All the while you walk graveyards and live to rob the dead?



Driftwood you find along an errant beach can symbolize many things.  For me, it symbolizes what is now lost and dead–like love, and the memory of someone you took long walks with along an errant beach and thought would never leave or die.  That’s what this poem here is about.  It’s one I wrote a long time ago and even before the actual event came true.  Then it did.  And the poem became more than just words and what I feel every time I take a walk along any errant beach.


While the open sea closes around me
And winds chill this warm evening night,
I dwell on sweet, solemn thoughts of thee…
Now constant reminders of my loveless plight.

Then evening darkens and the ocean sings,
As sparse roaring waves crash upon a nearby reef.
There my desperate, desolate soul still clings
Waiting for evening tide to drown my grief!

Yet time has a way of making old the new,
And this ocean shore I walk in torment
Is but another remembered vision of you
When love was alive and never ill-spent!

So, even though I never understood
Why death came to take you from me,
The tide brings you back each night as driftwood 
In sonic memories of us together by the sea…
To quiet and soften now the sorrow in me.


I once loved someone who had the saddest eyes and the most melancholic demeanor.  But it was so easy to make her happy and fill her heart with joy.  If I had only remembered that she needed such filling on a continuous basis I might have given her the constancy of joy and happiness she craved.  But at least I know it now.  And am ever ready to give infinite love and attention and fill every moment with joy for the next pair of sad eyes I should meet and be blessed to love.

I never went for sad eyes or sought sorrow’s favor,
Although of course there is exception to every rule.
But since every beauty hosts a beautiful flavor,
Sometimes the gifted lover must play the gifted fool!
So it was and had to be my own would savor yours
Of every grace that God had touched and left golden-pearled!
Besides, what need had I of more complicated cures
When one so sad could save me from this benighted world?
So bring your sad eyes and fill mine with happy sorrow!
And I’ll show you joys of love that transcend all despair.
As for tomorrow, why worry about tomorrow?
I’ve got more than enough love for both of us to spare!

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