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All real stories are about people and about their lives and the experiences they share with other people.  And sometimes the most compelling story of all is the one about love and the powerful true love shared and experienced between two people.  This story here is one taken from my own life and now shared with you in the form of a poem I trust you might enjoy reading and perhaps even relate to.  If so, then it’s a story worth sharing.

Patrick The Poet


If memories were voices and loneliness could speak,
In silence I could tell the world the story of my life.
It all began long ago in a place called the sea,
When I came upon happiness and it came upon me.
The day was bright and hopeful, no longer dark and bleak.
For there were footprints in the sand that led away from strife!
Like the dream that becomes destiny…then becomes true.
Like the day I was led to happiness and to you!
So it became for years, together we would walk the sand,
As ours was a destiny never lonely or bereft.
For you were my life’s answer and my soul’s sole reflection;
For if love be cosmic, you were my cosmic connection!
That the sea can be so ardent and turbulent,
And the morning can be so passionate and hot!
That life can be so great and gloriously spent,
Though time and death may be its greater theme and plot!

If love be no more than a passing memory
And words thrown to the wind the only ones that last,
Then I should hope to live and die beside the sea
And spend my days worshiping the wind-filled past!
For the story of my life is easy to understand.
It began the day you came and ended the day you left.
(So take love beyond death and let not your heart feel bleak!
For memories are voices and loneliness can speak.)