True Love and Live From Your Heart and Mind!

“True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.”
— Francois de La Rochefoucauld

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Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey

“These cloudy days make you wanna cry.  It breaks your heart when someone leaves and you don’t know why.” –Glenn Frey

Dear Song List:

The world lost Glenn Frey recently.  He was an inimitable songwriter, singer, musician and co-founder of the equally inimitable soft rock pop group The Eagles.  I don’t know about you, but a fair portion of the soundtrack of my life consisted of the music of The Eagles and of their lilting songs when members of the group went solo.  This was definitely true for Glenn Frey; so I’ve included a few of his solo hits here as my top favorite songs created by his artist’s mind and soul.

This year has not gotten off to a good start, in my humble opinion.  Beautiful music, and the artists who create beautiful music, very much help define the canvass of our lives and become part of those permanent memories we take with us through life.  Standing in a supermarket or at a car wash, a Glenn Frey or Don Henley or Eagles song comes on…and you are immediately teleported back to a happy time in your life.  A time that is unforgettable and irreplaceable.  Thus the power of beautiful music is omnipotent and becomes so much of who we are and what we feel and think.  I hope we sustain no more losses like David Bowie and Glenn Frey this year.  I want 2016 to be filled with only happy memories and beautiful music.  I don’t believe I am alone in these hopes.  Yes?

Patrick The Poet


1.  True Love –

2.  Lyin’ Eyes –

3. Tequila Sunrise –

4.  New Kid In Town –

5.  After the Thrill is Gone –

6.  Peaceful Easy Feeling –

7.  Strange Weather –

8.  The One You Love –

9.  Take It Easy –

10.  You Belong To The City –


Bogart-Bacall-PhotographIf you ever loved someone and knew there was no one else for you, and there never possibly could be and never will be, then you might think that such a love was your destiny to find and live and hold.  A match made in heaven is another name for it.  Certainly it is two people created for each other and inseparable and destined to be together.  Forever.


You finish my sentences, I complete your smile.
Your bring forth a candle, and I furnish the flame.
We watch the world together, and for a short while,
Our lives are joined forever and share the same name.
You read me a poem I had written for you.
The words ring out like you had written it for me.
Then we stroll the evening shore as lovers will do.
And our lips find each other…as sand does the sea!
Then the joy of the morning arrives with the dawn,
As once more your loveliness takes my breath away.
And though we pray such mornings will continue on,
There is no tomorrow–there is only today!
Like the synergy of nature that beats with one heart,
Like the sun that brings nourishment to the soul-starved land,
No matter the moments, how few they be, or apart,
Ah, no matter where we go our souls walk hand in hand!
For the world is endless, the mathematics are great!
The sand is infinite…as are droplets in the sea!
Yet despite the frailty of chance, and odds against fate,
Ah, this life we found together was our destiny!
For it was written in the stars and forged by the sun
That two distant but exact hearts would conjoin as one!
So let the cynics eschew–for they haven’t a clue,
There is love in this cosmos that is destined and true!
For if it be not holy how the sand finds the sea,
If our lives have no cosmic meaning or destiny,
Then how in the world did I find you and you find me?