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Uruguay: South America’s Sweetest Vacation Spot

Imagine enjoying springtime during fall and summer during winter.  Strolling a crisp 70-degree pristine beach in late September and windsurfing, sailing or waterskiing the waves of a warm south Atlantic sea in October and November. Well, below the equator all this is not only possible but readily available in South America. There, all four seasons are reversed, and this is not more evident than in the friendly little nation of Uruguay. 

Bordering Argentina in the west, Brazil in the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the south, Uruguay is perhaps one of South America’s best kept secrets. It is the most democratic nation on the continent and one that is rich in natural resources, relatively pollution and crime free, with an affluent economy and thriving industries, and is open to tourism and immigration year-round.  The only annoying thing about the mountainless nation might be the people there are just too darn polite and friendly!

In fact it is a national custom among citizens and visitors alike to exchange a friendly kiss on either cheek when greeting or upon parting company.

Uruguay contains one of South America’s most intriguing capitals, is clustered with many charming, laid-back colonial towns, and has an assortment of internationally renowned beach resorts with Punta del Este along the Atlantic coast the most beautiful of these.  Tourist and resident visas can be obtained year-round without much difficulty and at consular offices located in most developed nations around the world. Citizens though from neighboring countries and from Israel, Japan and the United States do not require a visa, but might need a tourist card which is valid for 90 days and extendible for a similar period.

Travel throughout the second-smallest country in South America is uncomplicated and an Enjoyable experience.  There are numerous cattle ranches, rice mills, wineries and farm lands to visit along the interior highway system.  And Uruguay is very accessible to both regular travelers and disabled people as the nation has an interconnecting rail system, over 20 commercial airports and all kinds of public transportation.

The capital, Montevideo (pop 1,400,000), is host to many fine hotels, motels, theaters, museums, nightclubs and entertainment spots, and offers modern, up-to-date shopping and recreational facilities.  Budget hotel rooms can be obtained for as low as $20.00 US per day, to $80 and upward for top-end accommodations.  The country has thousands of moderately priced restaurants, and full-course meals can be purchased for as low as $8.00 to $15.00, and $15.00 and up for more exotic, expensive dining. Travelers can get by on $15 a day; but those seeking a little more comfort and excitement can expect to spend around $30 a day.

Autumn here but spring there, Uruguay is indeed one long beautiful beach. Sunbathing begins in September along “La Rambia,” with a ton of outdoor fun things to do for both adults and children.  Across an expansive coastal highway and reaching into the interior of Montevideo seemingly endless mini-malls, boutiques, department stores, novelty shops and other shopping venues await eager-beaver tourist and expatriated citizen alike.

Visiting the mineral baths at Minas is a must-do.  Surf-casting enthusiasts can spend a few days fishing along the Rio de la Plata from Colonia to Piriápolis.  How about nine holes of golf at the exquisite Victoria Plaza Hotel or Punta del Este Country Club?  A day at the races is to be had at the Hipodromo de Maronas and Las Piedras racetracks.  And Dune walking in popular Cabo Palonia is not to be missed.  Of course, just about anywhere you look a game of major league soccer can be taken in.

With a population of approximately 3.2 million, the country’s main language is Spanish although many nationals also speak English and French, Italian, German or Portuguese.  The peso is the national currency, Roman Catholicism the main religion and like Europe, Uruguay uses the metric system, provides widespread Internet accessibility, and considers medio-medio (half dry white wine, half champagne) its national beverage.

Being a cattle country, Uruguay boasts the best steaks in the world, but offers fine dining in many international cuisines.  You can grab a “Chivito” sandwich at the Mercado Del Puerto near downtown Montevideo any time of the day, and wash it down with a bottle of medio-medio while people watching and being watched shop and peruse the busy marketplace. 

Beyond its many coastal communities and lovely sandy beaches so much more is to be delightfully experienced in Uruguay.  Besides swimming, body surfing and surfboarding ocean breezes yield continual opportunity for parasailing, boating and exciting windsurfing.  You can also enjoy polo, tennis, horseback riding, hiking and sightseeing, and participating in native festivals and public barbecues (a Uruguayan tradition). 

Then there is shopping for antique bargains at Montevideo’s numerous flea markets. Or dancing until dawn (no last call!) at one of the many night clubs or city discotheques that offer floor shows and famous performers of numerous genres of music and entertainment.  Gambling is also available in Uruguay.  And the country is teeming with swank casinos and affable betting clubs that stay open 24 hours a day. 

With its many splendid beaches, yearly carnivals, fine dining and entertainment activities, mild Autumnal climate, and courteous atmosphere of well-educated, happy citizenry Uruguay is one of the nicest and safest places on mother earth to visit and recreate.  And you don’t have to worry about accessibility, language, customs or paying a lot when seeking the ideal vacation spot.  Or moving lock, stock and barrel to this little dream-filled paradise located near the bottom of the world!