In the realm of platonic relationships, there are friends…and there are soulmate friends. It has its own kind of love. And friendship and forgiveness and contrition. All essential to those who know to remain loyal to soulmate friends.



Ah, do you ever miss me like I have missed you,
The company we kept and the joys we have known?
For friends can surely hurt you and break your heart, too.
And leave you feeling lonely when you’re not alone.

It’s strange how days can go by and we would forget
The brief harshness of words that were ever spoken.
And yet, instead of vanquishing shame and regret,
Our lonely, prideful hearts would rather stay broken.

Yet sometimes friendship is the only love you’ll know,
Despite the differences we suffered to share.
Only a selfish heart could pretend to let go
Who could forgivingly show how much they still care.

Still, though days were to become years and even end
The friendship that love once had the courage to tell;
Perhaps for some it is easy to lose a friend;
(Only one who has loved could remember so well).


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Love Poems From The Heart (Part 3) Awaits You!

With the mastery of voice-over artist extraordinaire John Taft ( and the incomparable expertise of video director/producer Queen Ofir (, my newest poetry work “Love Poems From The Heart (Part 3)” is now on YouTube and requests your vivid eyes and avid ears! But first, here is an excerpt for your proper inducement:


Excerpt from “Love Poems From The Heart (Part 3)”

For if I came upon you sitting in the park,
Would you know the melancholy my life has known?
Ah, how sad it is to stroll through the rain-filled dark
To only meet people who want to be alone.

Ah, might you let me sit beside you for a while,
That we might be here when the morning sun streams in!
Then inside our rain-filled hearts might we share a smile,
Then be so bold to hope that love could live again?


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A Lifetime


It’s never too late to overcome fear and find courage. Here’s a poem from an upcoming book by Patrick P. Stafford I hope will inspire and encourage everyone to accomplish this!

πŸ’˜ πŸ’˜ πŸ’˜


Oh, how have you been and where did you go?
It seems a lifetime that I have missed you.
For why did you leave, I will never know;
It seems a lifetime since I last kissed you!

Yes, life can be harsh and turn against you
When fear is all you have to help you cope.
Still, how is it I never convinced you
That love is always good and full of hope?

Doesn’t matter what the past may have told you,
Nor why we failed and when our hearts fell off track,
My arms are wide open and long to hold you,
Besides, I never left–and you’ve now come back!

So there’s no need to let the past stand in our way:
I’ve known all along you needed me to miss you.
Besides, what’s a few hours or years in a day
When you’ve waited a lifetime for me to kiss you?

We should have known the future would not forsake us,
And eternity would be ours despite its length.
Why fear the past or where a lifetime may take us!
Don’t you know love is always brave and full of strength?


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Three Books of Literary Excellence for Your Unforgettable Reading Pleasure!



When’s the last time you read a great book? Words that will leave you impassioned, enlightened and inspired? Well, here are three works of literary excellence to inspire your soul to mutiny, passion and great enterprise!

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There are oaths. And there are oaths. Here’s one I believe in, passed on down to me from one who imbued it. It’s one you may wish to adopt, too!



Through the darkness of your despair,
And despite the passage of all the years,
And the anguish of all your tears,
And the presence of endless doubts and fears,
I share this sacred oath for you to swear:

β€œBy my life and my love of it,
By all courage I have given and spent,
Through loyalty and tireless intent,
Of this I will stay certain and well-meant:
You’re never beaten if you never quit!”


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Slipping by Kristen McHenry

Slipping by Kristen McHenry


For her superb online blog, my poet friend Kristen McHenry has posted this week a profound, deep and rife with beautiful metaphor poem of her own creation.Β  It’s called Slipping…and it’s inimitable.Β  And I wanted to share it with you.



Wallpapers Sad Angel Free Screensavers 1024x768 | #367961 #sad

Sometimes this is what becomes of a life and of one’s dreams and love.

Patrick The Poet


Oh, once upon a day I used to believe in love.
In all the stars in heaven, and in heaven above.
That you would always love me and would forever stay.
(Till that day when love disowned me…when you went away.)
For once upon a day I had hoped for happiness.
That all the world and this were found in a lover’s kiss!
And thought you would live even after the end of time
(Till I wrote you a verse in a dirge that didn’t rhyme!)
It rhymes here, my love!–But it is a desolate one.
And as dark as the night when darkness shuts out the sun.
Still, I believed in sunlight, and in love, and in God
(And once upon a day by all these was stirred and awed!)
Till love came and vanished, and let darkness have its way.
And the truth spoke but lied, then had nothing more to say!
Then all my beliefs and all my hopes were tossed away.
(When your dirgeful life died, my love…once upon a day.)

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