Slipping by Kristen McHenry

Slipping by Kristen McHenry


For her superb online blog, my poet friend Kristen McHenry has posted this week a profound, deep and rife with beautiful metaphor poem of her own creation.  It’s called Slipping…and it’s inimitable.  And I wanted to share it with you.



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Sometimes this is what becomes of a life and of one’s dreams and love.

Patrick The Poet


Oh, once upon a day I used to believe in love.
In all the stars in heaven, and in heaven above.
That you would always love me and would forever stay.
(Till that day when love disowned me…when you went away.)
For once upon a day I had hoped for happiness.
That all the world and this were found in a lover’s kiss!
And thought you would live even after the end of time
(Till I wrote you a verse in a dirge that didn’t rhyme!)
It rhymes here, my love!–But it is a desolate one.
And as dark as the night when darkness shuts out the sun.
Still, I believed in sunlight, and in love, and in God
(And once upon a day by all these was stirred and awed!)
Till love came and vanished, and let darkness have its way.
And the truth spoke but lied, then had nothing more to say!
Then all my beliefs and all my hopes were tossed away.
(When your dirgeful life died, my love…once upon a day.)


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The path to happiness and enlightenment is paved in many lessons and mistakes.  It’s affected by choice and change as well as chance and time.  And sometimes endures a lot of pain and grief to reach the timeless treasure that is love and joy.

Patrick the Poet



There was nothing left to search for after I found you;
Nothing in the skies above me more lovely or true.
Besides, what more than happiness does one have to do?

Still, though I never learned it till it was too late,
That there are some things in life for which you have to wait,
Who knew love had to be a slave to fortune and fate?

So I awoke each brisk day to the breaking of dawn,
Hoarding the timeless treasure I had stumbled upon;
And yes, never knowing what I had till it was gone.

But oh, don’t be so quick to judge me and see me burn
In the pit of fiery ignorance one dares to earn!
Don’t you know there are things in life it takes time to learn?

And one of these is loyalty, another one is grace:
To see yourself in your lover’s eyes–to share her space,
And touch the wind in her hair…and the smile on her face!

Oh, we are all so certain from where lastingness springs.
And the permanency of love that youth always sings.
So judge me not–you, who knows little about these things!

We are young and foolish and see our lives enchanted,
Then take what the gods may give and the seeds they’ve planted,
While taking what should never be taken for granted.

Yet in the realm of love that stirs passion and romance,
Beyond the throes of fortune and fate and circumstance,
We can earn the timeless treasure of a second chance!

So this I will find again–for my heart is not old.
Though much in life that glitters–even hope–is not gold,
I know this we all can find–if our hearts remain bold!

So judge not one’s foolish youth that ended with a tear.
For the path to cherishing love is not always clear.
Though now I’m ready for a second chance to appear,
You should understand, it can take a while to get here.


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The most precious gift given to us is life.  And a newborn baby is a miracle in and of itself.  A miracle and a promise for tomorrow.  And evidence of God, in my opinion.

Patrick The Poet



Today a beautiful gift was given to me.
A gift of perfect happiness and holy love.
So perfect for all its innocence and beauty.
And so holy because it came from God above!

And though life is often sad and terribly flawed,
There is still much happiness that has come my way.
For if I needed to believe there is a God
And a reason to face life each difficult day,

I would not need to look to the heavens above
Nor seek to know the reason God lives to save me.
I know full well the presence of God and His love
Everyday when I embrace this child He gave me!


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I missed the holidays that were and the company of loved ones and special friends now gone.  I find this to be true for those still around among family and friends who celebrated as I several decades of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  The festive atmosphere, shimmering lights and decorations and hoopla for the holidays still hold some appeal.  But not like before.  And, as the years go on, the appeal wanes a little bit more each holiday season.  Tried as I have, it seems impossible to prevent this gradual feeling of ennui from setting in.  It appears to be as unavoidable as is the passage of time and growing age. 

I think the older we get the less appealing and less fun become the holidays is something that really begins to happen when we hit our fifties. For some, maybe during their forties.  This is because as the years go on we lose more and more loved ones and friends.  And so it is at this point in my life I don’t really celebrate the holidays.  I acknowledge them and still realize their importance and reverence.  But they’re more a fun and joy to younger people, in my opinion.  To us older folk, they become more and more bittersweet and continually rife with past memory.

The only decent advice I have to give is cherish the holidays that were and the better memory you can keep until the end.  Most of all, cherish those loved ones and friends now gone, and the ones still with you until the end!  Hopefully in a better way, my poem here will tell you what I mean.

Patrick The Poet



I will always feel love that is true and magnificent
And hear lovers repeat words that are well worth repeating,
(So it is with true friends who share every careful greeting);
And yet, though love is potent and happiness is well meant,
I would tell them to hold on to every precious moment,
For love is frail…and happiness is so very fleeting.

For I have felt the spark of hope and the sunlight beaming
Through the eons of life that selfishness and greed distort
(Which truth and wisdom often fail to repair or comfort);
And though there are those who dream of sunlight always gleaming,
I would tell them to hold on to every dream they’re dreaming,
For dreams are such fragile things…and life is so very short.


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The time will probably come when you’re about to lose a family member or someone you love.  It’s especially painful if they are young and it’s way before their time.  The injustice of it can be overwhelming.  So can the shock and unpreparedness of it.  And it may be that you will try everything to save that person.  Then realize there’s nothing you can do but pray.  This is what happened to me once some years ago.  And this poem is the conclusion about it that I came up with and wrote.

Patrick The Poet



So wild and dark tonight, and the winds hiss and curse
Such poignant refrains in me…begging creation.
But if I am to soothe your heart with a single verse…
I fear it will require divine inspiration.

Worse still, your life has fallen to diminished thirds
And to silencing strains of your own invention.
Still, though I would save you if I could with mere words…
I fear it will require divine intervention.


COSMICNo matter what has happened to you or your life, no matter how many setbacks or failures you have experienced or how many mistakes have been made.  The power and promise of tomorrow is yours to seize.  Seize the day that is tomorrow and never give up!  This is what my award-winning poem here has to tell you.  Please read it and let it inspire you to do it!

Patrick The Poet



Let tomorrow call out–sweet and sublime!
And day bring forth its promise of reward!
Let the truth be heard–that now is the time:
To make peace from war and plowshare from sword!
(And achieve the dreams we should strive toward!)

The past is behind us, the past is gone,
But the future is our strongest belief!
Among all the stars ever wished upon,
Is one to purge us of vengeance and grief
(And steal us from hate like a martyred thief!)

A world divided…the world united:
In certain cause, and linked by common fate,
Has sworn…that all of us are invited
To share in the making of something great
(The choice is still ours–it’s never too late!)

Let us be amazed and let us be awed
By all the good we have previously done.
But with new hope and by the grace of God,
Yearn to accomplish beyond earth and sun
What has never been done by anyone!

For vanquish prejudice, distrust and pain!
We shall not survive heartless or mindless!
What there is of grief and darkness and rain
And despair and poverty and blindness,
We shall overcome with human kindness!

So join in life–and forget about death.
But give to life all that is worth giving!
Let love be the last word upon your breath,
That before time should seem unforgiving,
Bury the dead and get on with living.


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