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I created my company Chandler Tea to create and share my health and beauty products with women everywhere. They are 100% natural and organic ingredients, many of them I discovered while a child living in Cambodia. They will give you beautiful skin, beautiful hair and optimal health and wellness. For every woman should look and feel young, healthy and beautiful! — Oni Vitandham

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Enjoy Youthful, Beautiful Skin with Khmer Cream from Chandler Tea!

Sunlight can be so good for the skin, and the vitamin D it provides you. So I love summer and spending time at the beach. But to keep my skin really youthful and wrinkle-free, I use Khmer Cream from Chandler Tea. You deserve to look and feel young and walk the beach, too! — Oni Vitandham

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Chandler Tea Brings You Natural Health, Beauty & Tea Products of the Ultimate Kind!


Loaded with totally natural, organic ingredients from my first homeland of Cambodia, my skin, beauty and health products are now available to order online from my new company Chandler Tea. That’s me in the picture here, looking far younger than 10 years! This is because my products work, and will for you. Then I hire you to fashion model them, too!
— Oni Vitandham

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Dressing in Elegance and Beauty for a Woman by Oni Vitandham

You can never go wrong with an elegant black gown for evening-wear or any formal event. Or for your special brunch or dinner party with friends. Dress to the nines and show everyone you are a woman of elegance and beauty!
— Oni Vitandham

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Oni Vitandham Has Some Inspiration for You!


I really love inspirational quotes. Like this one. So, it’s really a pleasure to share this inspirational quote with you! — Oni Vitandham

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Friendship Is Sometimes As Wonderful As Love…

Someday you may reach a place or time where you may find yourself without love or out of love.  And maybe even without any hope or opportunity of finding love ever again.  During such times it can be worth a lot just to have a friend, or friends who you consider loyal and true.  Or maybe sometimes it can be enough just to love someone from a distance and be their friend without them ever knowing it.  If you can give kindness or friendship without expecting reward, that can be a refreshing and unique experience.  Being able to carry the secret with you can be a kind of strength and confidence few ever know in this life. 

However, you can love someone but never win their heart, and have to learn to live with this, as long as it doesn’t make you sour on love or into a pessimist.  The important thing is not to give up on love and learn to cherish friendship not only when you are bereft of love but also for always.  For you can keep friendship for a whole lifetime.  Not always true for love.  But certainly if you never give up and remain loyal to your search, love is something that can always come your way when you least expect.  For it is something worth waiting for and always worth knowing. 


Now when you put your loving arms around me
Remember to hold on and never let go.
For I’ve been adrift upon a lonely sea
And love is a thing I thought I’d never know.

For the world is such a cold and heartless place
Where even the strongest can barely survive.
And though yours is a very fragile embrace,
It is more than enough to keep me alive.

For I will never keep you away from me
Nor hold on because my heart cannot let go.
I’ll keep you because I hate the lonely sea
And love is a thing I thought I’d never know.