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A Review of

Visiting websites is sometimes a business to me and I like visiting sites that are well designed but also clear and concise.  I also like websites that come in clear and concise columns.  And this is what the website at Midland Display Products ( does: it comes in clear and concise columns and presents everything a website visitor needs to immediately read and find out about Midland Display Products in left-to-right clear and concise columns.  Midland sells products and services, and you have no trouble finding out everything you need to know about them or where to navigate on the website to find it. 

At the very top of the home page it says “Trade Show Displays, Exhibits and Booths, Graphics Design Services, Truss Displays & free CAD rendering.”  This is great because you waste no time finding out what Midland Display Products is about and what its products and services are.  However, I think the home page would feel a lot more warm and fuzzy if it had some people pics and some ad copy that spoke in the second person tense so a visitor would feel he was being spoken to personally and the website was more eh, well, warm and fuzzy.  Many businesses seem to forget that people are individuals and it is individual persons who visit their online office (website).  So when you ad copy (website content), it works best for communicating in the second voice personal (you, your, you’re) so each person feels like and knows he is being addressed personally and as an individual.

So in my opinion, as a warm and fuzzy website. may not be topnotch.  But as a clear and concise column website and one that explains its products and services clearly and in an easy-to-find-and-navigate way, the Midland Display Products domain is right-on.  And incidentally, the products and services they offer look pretty right-on, too!


Get Yourself a Website Presence Online!

Having a website for your business or profession is absolutely critical to operating a business.  It is your first line of defense, the place where potential customers go to check you out, verify your existence and professional status and read your sales pitch and be sold your product.  Your website is your swank office suite with the fancy paintings on the wall, the lovely furniture and plush carpet, and where visitors are greeted with a smile and a firm handshake.  It’s your dba and your alter-ego and your very ethos and identity of who you are and what you do.  If you do not have a website and are reading this, then I would say stop reading for one hour and go online and take the first steps to having your very own domain.  Can’t afford to create and own a website, you say?  Nonsense! There are many Internet companies offering free websites and simple tutorials on how to write and design one yourself.  Here are five online companies you can visit right this moment and pay not one penny to create and have your very own business or personal website: