Enjoy Our Fun, Dynamic Teaser Video for My Town Workforce!


Enjoy Our Fun, Dynamic Teaser Video for My Town Workforce!

Inventor Christopher Menchaca has created a powerful mobile application that everyone who has seen it knows is going to take the job industry and employment sector by storm!

It is called “My Town Workforce.”

Here is a teaser video for My Town Workforce to stir the hearts and minds of employers, human resource departments, job shops, employment agencies, entrepreneurs and job seekers everywhere. The official launch of My Town Workforce is coming soon and we can’t wait to announce it to you! On every network and platform in the world.

For remember, the future is filled with great opportunity and tremendous potential for success…and it is called My Town Workforce!

Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEfm5PSIj8E

Tomorrow Night, October 3, Queen Ofir is Performing!


Here’s you chance to experience Queen Ofir performing live on stage! She will be performing many of her popular songs and Grammy-considered hits at Elite Gardens in North Hollywood tomorrow night (in Los Angeles, CA).

Order your tickets online before they sell out. Visit the poster in this post for details. For this is going to be an awesome concert and event. And we hope you attend and enjoy the time of your life! 😍👍🎵🤣💖😁🎵😍

Purchase tickets now before the show on Oct. 3. For fastest and easiest ordering, get your tickets directly here: Paypal.me/passionshowrecords

Or go here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1180091122177900/?active_tab=about

Queen Ofir is Performing at Elite Gardens on October 3!



Queen Ofir’s upcoming concert on October 3 has changed its location just a couple miles different. It is now taking place at beautiful Elite Gardens in North Hollywood, California.

For this is going to be an awesome concert and event. And we hope you attend and enjoy the time of your life! 😍👍🇺🇸🤣💖😁🎵😍

But tickets need to be purchased before the show on Oct. 3.

For fastest and easiest ordering, order your tickets directly here: https://lnkd.in/gJpJHf3 https://lnkd.in/gkwHahg



It is our pleasure to announce that singer-songwriter Queen Ofir has released her new song and world peace anthem “Fearless Wings of Love,” and 9/11 was a very timely date for its release! Please enjoy the attached news video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFIqTxim3GM

This song is so inspiring, beautifully melodic and mesmerizing to listen to, we hope you visit iTunes to acquire your very own personal copy of this lovely anthem. For we wish you peace and sonic beauty! 😍😁💖💙😍




Through leadership, teamwork building, recruitment and other consulting and business services, Dynamic Capacity Group is here to help you and your company achieve success. And we love helping you celebrate it every step of the way!

Visit DCG’s dynamic website to learn about how we can help you by going here: https://bit.ly/2Md6KLI

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Let’s begin by embracing the three most important words of today – and almost every day – especially when it comes to profession, work and being at the top of your game.  They are “Train! Train! Train!”

They are followed closely by: “Never stop training!” 

When we say train, it is synonymous with practice. We train to hone our abilities and skills and keep them at peak efficiency. Then we practice using our skills and knowledge to stay 100% familiar and proficient with what we know and can do.

So, the next three most important words to remember are: “Train and practice!” 

Why do we train and practice? Why should we train and practice? Why must we train and practice? Here are five reasons that immediately come to mind:

  1. Stay familiar and proficient with what you know and do
  2. Hone your skills and keep them at top efficiency.
  3. To be prepared to do what is always required
  4. To maintain and even increase self-confidence
  5. To learn new things and add to one’s knowledge and skills

Some people believe you can get better at sports only by playing and doing. However, between hockey, baseball or football games, teams train, exercise and practice constantly and without fail. You get better at playing by training to play!

It is during training that you work to strengthen your weak areas. You find the mistakes and your blind spots at work. Then work and train to correct these issues and transform weaknesses into strengths and faults into skills.

The myth of natural talent is just that – a MYTH!  That you are born with genius skills or intelligence – and that these things alone are what account for super-successful athletes, entrepreneurs, billionaires and celebrities – is a fallacy.  While you may enter this world with some advantage over others, you will not achieve incredible success without training and practice.

The final two “most important” words we give you for today and every other day of your life, in addition to the words “character, commitment, determination, passion, self-discipline” are the foundation of “train and practice” and essential to every team leader and his devoted team of well-trained workers. They are the last two words in the following story:

Years ago, when at the height of his automotive and industrial success, the inimitable innovator and entrepreneur Henry Ford was interviewed by a group of reporters whose goal, they claimed, was to discover the secret to success.

He sat before them answering their many questions about automobiles, business operations, mass production, leadership and employee relations—all the while waiting for the ultimate question he knew was coming.  Finally, one of the reporters asked it. “Tell us, Mr. Ford, what is the secret to success?” 

They all bent forward in wild anticipation of his response and in finally hearing and learning the cosmic answer to what everyone had been dying to know throughout human history!

He smiled for a second. Then leaned in toward them, and whispered, “Hard work.” 

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Come Experience Queen Ofir at the Miss West Coast Pageant on August 17, 2019!



Award winning singer-songwriter and international performing artist Queen Ofir is a major contestant in this year’s Miss West Coast Pageant (http://misswestcoastpageant.com/event-info) to be held this Saturday, August 17, 2019, in southern California. And you are invited to attend!
Live your life with passion and come share in Queen Ofir’s journey of beauty and success at the Miss West Coast Pageant on Saturday.
We hope to see you there! 😍🎵🤩💖🤩🎵😍

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