There are oaths. And there are oaths. Here’s one I believe in, passed on down to me from one who imbued it. It’s one you may wish to adopt, too!



Through the darkness of your despair,
And despite the passage of all the years,
And the anguish of all your tears,
And the presence of endless doubts and fears,
I share this sacred oath for you to swear:

“By my life and my love of it,
By all courage I have given and spent,
Through loyalty and tireless intent,
Of this I will stay certain and well-meant:
You‚Äôre never beaten if you never quit!‚ÄĚ


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Beautiful lips

Someone I once really loved had the most beautiful lips I’ve ever seen or kissed.¬† So, naturally, a poem was demanded to be written and this whole issue be addressed appropriately!

Patrick The Poet



Your lips are so beautiful and sweet,
My eyes should not ever stop gazing.
Though if others there be more complete,
They could never be more amazing!

For a fool he’ll be in the making
Who spent not one moment missing them.
How could love go without the taking?
Or spend one day without kissing them?




Of all the popular online social networks, there is one whose main focus is business between and for business people and professional businesses.  And this significant online social network is called Linkedin (http://www.linkedin.com/).  Linkedin is about building professional relationships and making contact with potential clients, customers, colleagues, and leads.  It is also about marketing and promoting your business and connecting to people who have a good chance of being like-minded and directly interested in what your business does and is about.
Unlike Facebook Bobo, Digg, MySpace, Twitter, and similar social websites, Linkedin is less about making new friends,¬†dating, social relationships, and¬†pen-pal chatting than it is about doing real business online.¬† It may be more difficult to make or earn contacts on Linkedin¬†but it’s easier to find real business people online and those who stand a much better chance to be interested in your business, purchase your product(s), and even join and become a part of your¬†business network.¬† Most everyone on Linkedin is unequivocal about why he is there.¬† It’s not to meet charming people or look for a love mate.¬† It’s to wheel and deal and make critical connections which may evolve into significant business between all parties concerned.¬†¬†

You¬†should join Linkedin immediately if you haven’t already.¬† No need to eschew Facebook and the other social websites.¬† They are important, too.¬† Linkedin is just more important and a more direct means to your building your business¬†lists, acquiring leads and affiliates, making significant business contacts, and letting the right people know about who you are and what you do and why they need to do business with you.¬† Get linked to Linkedin, and see your business get linked to doing real business online!


Sometimes it’s really fun just to write simple traditional verse about love that expresses some thought or aspect in simple terms and an easy to understand style and tone that even the most unreading poetry reader can appreciate and enjoy.¬† If love didn’t have so many thoughts and aspects and shades and nuances (and meanings and issues!) about it, I guess it wouldn’t be the most written and talked about subject on the planet and in human history.¬† You think?¬† So here is a simple but inspirational and upbeat love poem to usher in the weekend and celebrate this lovely, love-filled POET’S DAY.¬† For as you must know–especially if you read my blog here–every Friday is POET’S DAY.¬†

You know, POET’S DAY: Piss On Everything Tomorrow’s Saturday!¬† Not the most elegant acronym.¬† But an accurate one! (:-D

Don’t feel all alone with your pain,
Eschewing sunlight for the rain;
Hearing darkness only spoken,
Sitting there with your heart broken.
No, put your little hand in mine,
For soon again the sun will shine!
Pain is something everyone shares,
So know that somewhere someone cares.
Then dry your tears and dry your eyes,
Love doesn’t always speak in lies!
For if you found love once before,
You know you can find it once more.
Doesn’t matter¬†how love comes in,
Or even when it comes again,
Someone will love you–wait and see!
In fact…it could even be me.


In business, and especially in doing online marketing and multi level marketing, t’s seldom good to take the cart before the wheel.¬† And to just jump in and discuss how to do successful multi level marketing and everything that MLM is about and consists of, shouldn’t we first talk about WHY multi level marketing is a great business to get into and do?¬† I mean, it might sound great to be President of the United States, or captain the Space Shuttle, or be a big-time film star, but what are the benefits?¬† What are the benefits to doing MLM work and operating a multi level marketing business?¬† Actually, a whole lot of benefits!¬† But short of writing a novel-length blog here, I’ll enumerate some of the most attractive benefits of having your own MLM business.

Here are three immense benefits to operating a MLM business.¬† I’ll have four more for you later this week, hopefully!

1.¬† Freedom/Control: Why work nine to five every Monday through Friday¬†for some tyrannical boss at a job where you’re undervalued and underpaid when you can stay at home and work any hours you want?¬† And never have to leave your home or your computer except maybe when you need to hit the store once in while to buy food and provisions to live like a rock star?¬† Having control over your life and being able to decide when you want to work and how long and what hours in the day are benefits only rock stars and the rich and famous truly know.¬† But you can, too, when you run and operate your own MLM business from home.¬† And are you own boss!

2.¬† Fulfillment:¬†Multi level marketing is a people business.¬† You’re in the business of providing quality products to people who need them and can benefit from them.¬† You’re in the business of giving fulfillment to other people.¬† And this, of course, give you fulfillment as well.¬† You’re also in the business of helping and showing others to have their own business, thus providing more fulfillment for everyone involved.¬† I love this quote from motivation speaker and fulfillment-expert Tony Robbins: “Success without fulfillment is failure.”¬† And I think it is.¬† Multi level marketing allows you to fulfill the needs, desires, and dreams of others.¬† And also your own.¬† If this ain’t success, what is?

3.¬† No Need For¬†Employees:¬†Today’s typical business owner has a lot to worry about, including his employees.¬† Not that this has not always been the case.¬† But this is something you don’t have to worry about.¬† Because you don’t need to hire¬†people to work for you.¬† This means you don’t have to worry about paying state and federal taxes for employees, medical and dental benefits, sick leave, vacation time, nor acquiring office space and equipment to furnish an employee.¬† You have only one employee to worry about: yourself.¬† And since he’s the boss, what is there to worry about!¬† In essence, your business consists of¬†people independently working together and sharing common goals.¬†¬†Everyone in MLM works for himself.¬† And we save and earn a lot more money by doing so!

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