It’s our pleasure here at the 59 VETERANS PROJECT to share this amazingly beautiful 3D photo taken in September of 2014 in Shenandoah National Park by our CEO and Founder Jeffrey Ehrenkrantz.

All of us here can’t wait to be taking such photos and making 4K videos with our military veterans throughout all our 59 national parks in the near future. This stunning photo is now our background image for our page on Facebook.  Come check it out and all our storied posts there when you get a chance. It’s a reading and visual experience you deserve to…eh, experience!



Memorial Day 2016


With great reverence and respect the 59 VETERANS PROJECT wishes to express our gratitude and homage to all our veterans and active duty military personnel serving our country around the world. We can’t wait to get our project underway and be working with veterans while traveling and creating a video/photographic record of our national parks and the amazing experiences we will share! Which you can learn more about here:

Today is the day to remember all our military veterans who have given and give so much to our country. We wish them and all Americans to have a very safe and memorable experience today.




Please join us for Rays of Funshine’s 1st annual golf tournament at Long Beach Golf Course on Sunday, June 12, 2016, 12:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. It’s going to be a blast! The tournament will be followed by a reception and dinner. And all proceeds benefit children with special needs and their families. It’s for a noble cause and it’s going to be a really enjoyable Rays of Funshine event!

To learn more and sign up: And to learn about the Rays of Funshine school for children with special needs, please go here:

Project Breakthrough: A Real Breakthrough in Online Marketing!


Hi, everyone! I just wrote a review of the outstanding Internet Marketing program “Project Breakthrough.” Please check it out and tell me what you think (and give a like!), and don’t forget to visit Project Breakthrough online when you get a chance. It’s an online marketing program that can truly benefit you!

Project Breakthrough: A Real Breakthrough in Online Marketing!

Seemingly on a daily basis someone is introducing some new marketing system or program that promises to be the ultimate breakthrough everyone has been waiting for. If it isn’t one thing then it’s another when it comes to generating real traffic, profit and success via online marketing, affiliate marketing or Internet Marketing of one kind or another. Yet after thoroughly exploring and trying out Project Breakthrough, I believe we have a system that actually works—and delivers as promised.

A 14-day program that teaches you how to generate income using online funnels and a variety of dynamic marketing tools, Project Breakthrough was created in early 2015 by Vick Strizheus and his partner Jason McClain. Vick Strizheus, you may recall, is the guy who founded the High Traffic Academy (HTA) platform which has made hundred-thousandaires and millionaires out of a fair amount of people. He is also known as the highest monthly earner ever in Internet Marketing when he earned over $720,000 in just one month.

Since then, Vick and Jason have spent much of their time creating and developing coaching software and dynamic online courses that they share freely with those of us looking for an honest method to make a breakthrough to profit and success vis the Internet. Maybe the most amazing thing about the 14-day Project Breakthrough training and marketing program is that it’s free! The training is comprehensive and thorough, but it and the actual implementation do require attention, commitment and hard work.

Which is why Project Breakthrough’s the real deal: it’s not a get-rich scheme or a promise to those who want something for nothing. You are truly taught how to build a successful online business, how to design real custom marketing funnels that work, how to launch your own program and develop and maintain a positive mindset, and how to earn real money by following the clear and easy-to-understand system while maintaining that positive mindset. And yes, the course can be completed within 14 days and also shows you how to earn online commissions and reoccurring income.

Along with the Project Breakthrough website, numerous YouTube informational videos and tutorials, I found nothing annoying, untrue or unhelpful with the entire platform. What I found objectionable are the few negative reviews by affiliate and marketing guru rivals who apparently can’t stand competition or anyone who provides what they don’t—or won’t. And yes, out of every 50 positive reviews you’re bound to come across one of these blatantly sophomoric negative reviews.

One claims that Project Breakthrough is too expensive. Yet Project Breakthrough is free! It also states that owners Vick and Jason have been involved in borderline online scams. There’s no such thing as borderline scams. One is either a scammer or not. However, Vick and Jason are not. From HTA’s first inception, the duo has created honest, fundamentally-sound, real money-making marketing programs that work. There is nothing online or elsewhere to even remotely indicate otherwise.

By the way, non-members and members alike are encouraged to ask any questions they want and are provided help whenever needed. In addition, Project Breakthrough makes no bold claims of profit or success that is not backed up thoroughly learning and implementing the training that is provided; nor is there any price or upgrade price on accessing the program’s advanced videos.

Sour grapes abound throughout the Internet and some entrepreneurs and companies don’t know how to compete against excellence other than through false accusations and yes–sour grapes! But the total truth be said, Project Breakthrough requires only one thing from every person who signs up for the free program: a passionate commitment to 14 days of your time to learn and implement what will guide you to Internet Marketing profit and success

59 VETERANS PROJECT introduces you to Black Canyon of the Gunnison national park in Colorado!

The Black Canyon of the Gunnison national park in Colorado is a dark, shadowy, mysterious place of epic edifices and rugged beauty. You may not have heard of this national park, but rest assured it is a magnificent place to visit and recreate and bring friends and family for…what else? An epic vacation!
“The park protects a quarter of the Gunnison River, which slices sheer canyon walls from dark Precambrian-era rock. The canyon features incredibly steep descents, and is a popular site for river rafting and rock climbing. The deep, narrow canyon, made of gneiss and schist, is often in shadow and therefore appears black.”
Naturally, all of us here at the 59 VETERANS PROJECT can’t wait to be sharing the experience of a lifetime rafting down the Gunnison River in epic Black Canyon of the Gunnison national park. And enjoying the experience with our military veterans who we will be teaching and helping obtain careers in 4K ultra high definition and 3D high-definition videography and photography.
To learn more about this magnificent national park, visit this epic website: And to learn more about the 59 VETERANS PROJECT and our goal to be ascending the summit with veterans and friends this year, visit us online at our headquarters company here: CANYON OF THE GUNNISON2

Come join the 59 Veterans Project in Canyonlands National Park!

Canyonlands National Park at night



Canyonlands National Park in Monticello, Utah, just enjoyed its Star Party and Grand View of the Milky Way celebration yesterday, and we hear that it was a hugely successful event.  Canyonlands National Park may just well be the most perfect place in North America to go stargazing and also practice your photographic and videography skills.  But it’s also a fabulous park to visit when it comes to experiencing epic rock formations, mysterious canyons and incredible wildlife and natural edifices of every kind!

Speaking of photography and videography, all of us here at the 59 VETERANS PROJECT can’t wait till we are soon teaching 3D photography and videography to our veterans and helping them find careers in these visually artistic-technical careers.  We especially can’t wait to be doing it at Canyonlands National Park.  Once we get the motorhome gassed and supplied with staff, provisions and veterans, Canyonlands here we come!

To learn more about Canyonlands National Park, visit this very informative online site:  And to learn about the 59 VETERANS PROJECT and our mission to help veterans, visit our headquarters company here:  For you know, we can’t wait to meet you at the pass and ascend the summit together.